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Telemarketing, Online Researcher, Manila, Philippines

4 years experience as a telemarketer View more
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Telemarketing/Business Development London, UK, United Kingdom

 First class interpersonal skills ( the ability to generate an easy rapport with a total cross section of personnel and bring positive influences t... View more
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Telemarketing and Appointment Manila, Philippines

Dear Hiring Manager/Beloved Clients, Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Your job post has caught my attention, I am a Staffing manager in ... View more
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telemarketing / Callcenter / BPO Chicago, Il, United States

Votiko is professional telemarketing company established since 2004. We have a team of superstar telemarketers expert in selling / lead generation /... View more
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Data Entry, Virtual Assistant, Cold Calling,... Manila, Philippines

I’ve been working for years as a freelancer and I’ve managed to accumulate a great deal of experiences through it. I can handle every task that ... View more
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Experienced Customer Service Rep Davao city, Philippines

I am a self-starter, proficient, self- motivated with diverse skills. I have eight successful years of experience as a CSR handling inbound / outboun... View more
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Virtual Assistant Lagos, Nigeria

I am an Accounting graduate from the University of Lagos (BSc. Accounting), with past experiences in Administrative roles (as an Executive Assistant a... View more
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Marketing Manager Toronto, ON, Canada

Proactive and driven marketing & communications specialist with over 4 years of experience, in a corporate and agency setting, involving planning, dev... View more
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food service worker London, ON, Canada

I have my high school diploma. I worked in food service for 3 and a half years. I work briefly in a warehouse setting and briefly in retail. View more
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Experienced CC and Travel Agent Quezon city, Philippines

Team lead experience for 4 years and a half-great motivation skills People person English is my second language View more
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Experienced Assistant Montreal, QC, Canada

-Technology friendly -Quick learner -Trilingual ; French, English and Creole -Proficient -High School and College Degree View more
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Technical Support Voice Mumbai, India

I have Work experience in Technical support, Customer service, Debt collection over calls and chat, I also have knowledge of Ms. office as I was a lec... View more
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Sales advisor Caracas, Venezuela

- I am bachelor of science - tittle in High School - I was working as sales advisor in two retail stores - I am working with Microsoft Office syste... View more
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Experienced Encoder Quezon city, Philippines

As a Customer Service Representative for more than 10 years now in BPO industry, my professional experience in dealing with customers, analyzing consu... View more
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Writer Kelowna, BC, Canada

I can type an average of 90 wpm. I have always enjoyed writing, I am currently working a part time sales job, and in school full time for Business Adm... View more
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Customer Service Representative Mumbai, India

I always enjoy working as a Customer support executive. I worked to help customers of leading Cable/Broadband service providers. I assisted the custom... View more

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