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Telemarketing, Online Researcher, Manila, Philippines

4 years experience as a telemarketer View more
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Telemarketing/Business Development London, UK, United Kingdom

 First class interpersonal skills ( the ability to generate an easy rapport with a total cross section of personnel and bring positive influences t... View more
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Telemarketing and Appointment Manila, Philippines

Dear Hiring Manager/Beloved Clients, Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Your job post has caught my attention, I am a Staffing manager in ... View more
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telemarketing / Callcenter / BPO Chicago, Il, United States

Votiko is professional telemarketing company established since 2004. We have a team of superstar telemarketers expert in selling / lead generation /... View more
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Data Entry, Virtual Assistant, Cold Calling,... Manila, Philippines

I’ve been working for years as a freelancer and I’ve managed to accumulate a great deal of experiences through it. I can handle every task that ... View more
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Employee Casablanca, Morocco

J'ai de l'expérience dans la relation clientèle que j'ai fait pendant plusieurs années parallèlement j'ai de l'expérience dans l'entreposage et l... View more
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Customer service professional Calgary, AB, Canada

Experienced in various customer service roles, I bring a solid track record of providing exceptional support to clients. My expertise includes strateg... View more
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Data Entry Kitchener, ON, Canada

Passionate and experienced Product Business Analyst with extensive experience evaluating and improving business systems for well-known organizations. ... View more
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Customer Service Representative Calgary, AB, Canada

-Communicative Skills -Teamwork Skills -Digital Literacy -Attention to Detail -Adaptability -Time Management Skills -Work Ethic -Customer Serv... View more
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IT support Manila, Philippines

I have more than 8 years of experience as a technical support and I am skilled in google workspace since I was a specialist for 2 years. I have exper... View more
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Freelancing Cebu, Philippines

● Able to prioritize and work independently with minimal supervision. ● Able to work effectively in a team environment. ● Detail-oriented and ... View more
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Project management, content writing Mumbai, India

Experience professional with experience in project management, project co-ordination , service delivery , content writing, documentation, Always ma... View more
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Assistant, data entry, proofreading Tampa, FL, United States

Customer service, administrative assistant, editing services, chat Agent and many other Jon skills. I'm pretty sure if you put any job or task in f... View more
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Human Resources Toronto, ON, Canada

Dear HR, Throughout the years of my professional work, I’ve gained a lot of expertise in HRBP, Recruitments & HR Operations. I’m especially pr... View more
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Customer service Lisbon, Portugal

Around 17 years of face to face and also over the phone, chat and email customer support in leading companies such as Emirates and Hilton. C1 level o... View more
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video editor Tacoma, WA, United States

I am innovative, follow instructions well, punctual, and keep to deadlines. Combining these skills makes me a well-rounded and valuable team memb... View more

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