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E-commerce Frontend UI/UX Developer Cincinnati, OH, United States

Hello! I’m Jason, a U.S Army Disabled Veteran and seasoned Frontend Developer with over a decade of experience in crafting engaging, high-performanc... View more
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Ecommerce, Digital Marketing Toronto, ON, Canada

20 years experience in: Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, UX, CX, Paid Marketing, Email, CRM, UGC, SEO, Customer care, Logistics P&L and Analytics. I a... View more
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Seo & E-commerce Designer/Developer Bogotá, Colombia

Software Engineer specializing in responsive website optimization (mobile and desktop) with over 7 years of experience in software design and developm... View more
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I Specialized in Shopify E-commerce Lahore , Pakistan

Grow your brand with the savviest professional Shopify E-commerce and Google Ads expert, I am expert in researching, analyzing and providing the best ... View more
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eCommerce customer experience Mississauga, ON, Canada

Hi, After 10 years in the eCommerce and Retail space working for some of the largest organizations in the world, I'm ready for my new challenge. ... View more
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Wordpress - Shopify - E-commerce Casablanca, Morocco

- Development and design Responsive and non-responsive Emailing (Newsletters). - Website development (Wordpress and Prestashop, Shopify). - Developm... View more
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Ecommerce, Administrative Assistant New York, NY, United States

Small business owner in home decor. Work with wholesale suppliers to bring products to consumers through various marketplaces. Fully skilled as an ad... View more
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HR & Recruitment/E-Commerce VA Manila, Philippines

Worked a decade in an office based jobs (a mixture of Admin. Assistant, Event Coordinator and BPO management work) where I learned so many skills and ... View more
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Ecommerce Account Manager New York, NY, United States

I am a dedicated, goal-oriented individual with a high energy level. I currently an account manager of eCommerce marketplaces in Etsy, Walmart & eBay ... View more
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E-commerce - Operations Toscana, Italy

A passionate problem solver who thrives in team dynamics brings naturally positive energy and drives the successful delivery of defined objectives. Fi... View more
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E-commerce Specialist Chennai, India

I am an MBA from SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy (Top 1% in my class) and have about 4 years of e-commerce (Digital Marketing) experience. My ... View more
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eCommerce Manager Mississauga, ON, Canada

• Responsible for maintaining and creating new websites for corporate and local clients • Created and executed email marketing with lists over 10... View more
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E-Commerce Developer / Manager Toronto, ON, Canada

A Digital Strategist, Growth Hacker, Data Lover, and a Tech Enthusiast. I hold strong foundations in E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Business Economics,... View more
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E-Commerce Montreal, QC, Canada

Experienced e-commerce Assistant with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. Skilled in NetSuite, Shopify, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, a... View more
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ecommerce, CRM, SEO Montreal, QC, Canada

Marketing Technologiste omnicanal combinant une expertise en digital et marketing stratégique pour augmenter la valeur des marques. J’aide les e... View more
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eCommerce, CMS, WordPress Montreal, QC, Canada

Excellente connaissance d'Internet et de son fonctionnement. Passionné des technologies de l’information, autodidacte et minutieux. View more

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