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Information Security Consultant Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cyber Security engineer with over 15 years of operation security experience and CISSP knowledge under my belt. I understand security aspects in both I... View more
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Information Security Specialist Vancouver, BC, Canada

I am an accomplished Information Security Expert with extensive experience in various domains of information security and IT governance. Currently ser... View more
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Information Security GRC Dubai , United Arab Emirates

CISSP, CCISO, CISA, CIA, PMP, ISO 27001 LI CGMA, Msc. Strategic Business Management English - Advanced View more
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Head Information Security Mumbai, India

Mohd Imran is a seasoned IT and Information Security leader with over 20 years of strong experience in efficiently managing Information Technology, En... View more
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Information Security Consultant Lyon, France

Seasoned Information Security Specialist (10 years of experience) A total of 30 years of experience in IT: software engineering and architecture, sys... View more
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IT Risk, Information Security Markham, ON, Canada

Tara Kissoon is a multi-certified Technology, Risk & Security Leader with 20 years of technology experience, 13 years of executive experience in the f... View more
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Network & Information Security Mississauga, ON, Canada

Skills & Strengths ● Designing, implementing, Administrating, configuring and troubleshooting of Juniper Routers, Switches & F... View more
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Information System Security, CISSP Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Growth-driven, multifaceted, and highly strategic professional with wide-ranging experience in IT management and operations encompassing cyber securi... View more
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Security, Information Security Bangalore, India

An Information security guy passionate about keeping applications and servers secure. Application and Web service security is my forte, passionate ab... View more
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Information Security Mexico City, Mexico

Innovative and Detail Oriented, I’m constantly aiming for teamwork and being objective oriented to improve operations and business experience. Focu... View more
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Information Security Engineer New York, NY, United States

I am an Information Security professional with 15 years of experience in systems administration, systems architecture design, and web development. I h... View more
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Information/ Cyber Security Boston, MA, United States

Cyber Security as a service platform in the Cloud, Governance Risk and Compliance, Customized software development using open source. and Penetration ... View more
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Information Systems Security Washington, DC, United States

My name is Raymond, and I’m currently looking for a job in Information Systems services. I have over 25 years of experience working in the Informati... View more
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IT Security , Information Security , SIEM Arcsight... Bangalore, India

I have 8+ Years of experience as Technical Support and in IT Security , currently working for a US Client supporting their Data Security , Web Securi... View more
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Information Technology Victoria,BC, Canada

I possess a bachelor of engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I am currently engaged in information and cyber security looking... View more
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Information Technology Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Microsoft Certified Systems Analyst (MCSA Diploma) 2005 Worked for HP Advanced Solutions from 2005 2018. Information Technology Security Analyst, Sit... View more

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