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Data Analytics Ashburn, VA, United States

I spent 10 years in the military as an officer, then transitioned and went to school for 4 years learning data science (2 years prereqs in math, stati... View more
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Salesforce Administrator Ashburn, VA, United States

Certified Salesforce Administrator View more
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Blockchain programming app developm Barrie, ON, Canada

I am too and professional Developer who specializes in developing softwares, mobile application website and blockchain application and website, I can ... View more
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Programming and Technical Support Toronto, ON, Canada

 Programming Languages : C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Shell scripting  Database Technology : Oracle, SQL, MySQL  Web Development : HTML, CSS... View more
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Programming, Digital Marketing, SEO Miami, FL, United States

DeVry University, Miramar, FL Bachelor of Science in Technical Management, Concentration in General Technical Specialty ITT Technical Instit... View more
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Geospatial, Computer Programming Edmonton, AB, Canada

EDUCATION University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta May 2012 – Apr 2016 M.Sc., Computer S... View more
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Programming Lagos, Nigeria

Mechanical engineering, I will be available for project relating to python, matlab, CAD and Microsoft Excel. A dynamic team spirited and performanc... View more
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programming , matlab , office Montreal, QC, Canada

I am a master student in electrical and computer engineering and I love programming View more
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Programming New Orleans, LA, United States

I specialize in the laravel and express frameworks. Also proficient in c++. View more
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Programming Vancouver, BC, Canada

* self-starter * results oriented * experienced debugger * strong English language skills both oral and written * creative thinker I work on m... View more
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Web-developing, Programming Ljubljana, Slovenia

for online auctions, e-commerce platforms, real estate analytics, mobile applications for iOS and Android, and embedded software for banking, public t... View more
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Computer Programming Los Angeles, CA, United States

Solutions driven developer with a track record of commended performance in front-end and back-end software development. Outstanding analytical, troub... View more
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C++/C programming Montreal, QC, Canada

11 years experience working in Electronics Engineering and Manufacturing  Bachelor of Telecommunication, Certificate of Computer Science and Techn... View more
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Programming, Macros, BI Dashboard Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Have Business Administration masters and Commerce degree. Have 14+ years of IT experience. View more
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Experienced Full Stack Programming Jakarta, Indonesia

Web Developer with a Computer Science from Indonesia I focus on JavaScript based technologies for both the front and back-end, while always working... View more
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Network/Web Programming Toronto, ON, Canada

TECHNICAL SKILLS: • Programming: C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, SQL, Relational Database • Design Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator ... View more

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