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Office/Admin Task Ashburn, VA, United States

Word, Excel, Data entry, Essay writing, Legal Writing, Sending out letters or emails, View more
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Computers/Admin Ashburn, VA, United States

Concierge for Sunrise Senior Living answer phones, direct calls to proper department. Provided customer service to residents and their families. Assis... View more
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Web / Office Ashburn, VA, United States

Currently full time business analyst with a work career that has included office support (Secretary / Executive Assistant), Web Content creation and e... View more
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Virtual Assistant Regina, SK, Canada

Initiative-taking Administrative/Virtual Assistant with excellent mentoring and critical thinking skills. Recent graduate with considerable skills in ... View more
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Virtual assistant Manila, Philippines

I've spent the last four years honing my talents as an administrative assistant with the responsibility of providing professional coordination and s... View more
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Virtual Assistant Cincinnati, OH, United States

I have worked as a virtual assistant for a year. I was asked to do research, and contact other businesses on behalf of my client. I was also taske... View more
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VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Davao city, Philippines

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. Proficient in Microsoft Office and with modern technology Good in Communicatio... View more
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Amazing Virtual Assistant Davao city, Philippines

I am a dedicated Customer Service Representative who worked in different BPO Companies for almost 5 years providing phone, email/chat, and technical s... View more
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Virtual Assistant, Data Entry Cape Town, South Africa

With over 20 years of office administration experience, I have great expertise in Microsoft Office Suite and website product content. *Excel *Word *... View more
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Virtual assistant Lahore , Pakistan

I'm a medical student in my last year holding experience in the field of call centre and as a virtual assistant. I'm a quick learner and a gast profic... View more
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Virtual Assistant Edmonton, AB, Canada

I am a people person with top notch skills in accuracy, collaboration, research, organization, and providing assistance with a passion for effective c... View more
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Pro-Business Virtual Assistant Nairobi, Kenya

I'm a proficient virtual assistant with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. I'm the expert you need for personal or business a... View more
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Virtual assistant Ahmedabad, India

I am a virtual assistant for 5 years with many skills and also have a tag of Customer & Sales Representative as I have very good communication skills ... View more
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Expert Virtual Assistant Nairobi, Kenya

I am a hard-working and proactive worker with extensive experience in àdministrative and technical support. I studied a Bachelor of Arts in Internati... View more
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Virtual Assistant Toronto, ON, Canada

Detail-oriented with a passion for knowledge, gaining insight, and challenging myself. I am a successful autodidact which combined with my curiosity ... View more
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Virtual Assistant Nairobi, Kenya

I am an innovative, goal-driven, versatile, proactive, and analytical professional who believes in hard work, commitment, integrity, and good working ... View more

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