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Office/Admin Task Ashburn, VA, United States

Word, Excel, Data entry, Essay writing, Legal Writing, Sending out letters or emails, View more
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Computers/Admin Ashburn, VA, United States

Concierge for Sunrise Senior Living answer phones, direct calls to proper department. Provided customer service to residents and their families. Assis... View more
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Web / Office Ashburn, VA, United States

Currently full time business analyst with a work career that has included office support (Secretary / Executive Assistant), Web Content creation and e... View more
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Virtual Assistant, SMM, Bookkeeping Cebu, Philippines

Looking for a smart, jolly, high-spirited, efficient, and multi-tasking Virtual Assistant? Your search is over. Hi, I’m Christine and you can co... View more
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Experienced Virtual Assistant Hamilton, ON, Canada

A management professional with over ten years of experience in various fields such as Food Service, Hospitality, Education, Customer and Service /Te... View more
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Customer Support, Virtual Assistant Davao city, Philippines

I have been working as a customer support and admin assistant for the last 5 years View more
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Virtual Legal Assistant, Paralegal Mumbai, India

Being a legal professional, I have experience in Civil- Commercial, and Criminal Law and have expertise in drafting legal contracts, Applications, Not... View more
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Virtual Assistant Nairobi, Kenya

Executed data entry tasks such as data collection, entering, compiling, sorting, processing and verifying. Executed procurement processes and plannin... View more
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Virtual Assistant Karachi , Pakistan

Msc.Chemistry Graphic designer certification Virtual Assistant certification Languages English French German Spanish View more
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Customer Service, Virtual Assistant Manila, Philippines

I have 4 years of experience as a Customer Service Representative. I handled Online shopping for flowers and furniture. I assist customers with their ... View more
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General Virtual Assistant Manila, Philippines

First I want to introduce myself My name is Rosalie Sy a General Virtual assistant, I loved to help every business to grow and be hassle-free by provi... View more
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Virtual assistant Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Grade 12 diploma Administrative Assistant Diploma (2019) 3 years of administrative/secretarial employment View more
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Virtual Assistant Denver, CO, United States

I have worked in customer service and food service for many years and I have been looking to make a change. Since Covid and the lockdown began, I have... View more
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Virtual Assistant Montreal, QC, Canada

I am a generalist. I know a bit of Health, Tech, Finance, Real Estate and every thing a human being needs in their daily life I have an experience abo... View more
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Virtual Assistant Manila, Philippines

Hello! I am Lawrence; I help businesses stay secure by diligently gathering and carefully considering all facts and information to identify potential ... View more
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Virtual Assistant Lagos, Nigeria

I have B. Tech degree in General Agriculture from Federal University of technology, minna Nigeria and I speak English, Yoruba and Hausa Languages flue... View more

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