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Office/Admin Task Ashburn, VA, United States

Word, Excel, Data entry, Essay writing, Legal Writing, Sending out letters or emails, View more
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Computers/Admin Ashburn, VA, United States

Concierge for Sunrise Senior Living answer phones, direct calls to proper department. Provided customer service to residents and their families. Assis... View more
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Web / Office Ashburn, VA, United States

Currently full time business analyst with a work career that has included office support (Secretary / Executive Assistant), Web Content creation and e... View more
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virtual assistant Bali, Indonesia

I am a goal oriented person who is passionate about what I do and dedicated to delivering high quality results within the shortest time.. Well trained... View more
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Bookkeeper, Virtual Assistant Cebu, Philippines

A degree holder in Business Administration major in Management Accounting, I have worked for almost 6 years combined as an accountant in a multination... View more
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Virtual Assistant Kingston, Jamaica

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Enrolled) Early Childhood Education Diploma Level 2 Introdu... View more
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Virtual Assistant / SMM Quezon city, Philippines

Skills: ✔️ I have strong communication skills. ✔️ I am very proficient in using the English language both written and spoken. ✔️ I am e... View more
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Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, SMM Manila, Philippines

My previous work experiences are as IT helpdesk support for been 4 years, which includes assisting customers with their inquiries and concerns. Provid... View more
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Virtual Assistant/ Product Listing Manila, Philippines

- Product Sourcing/listing/researching - Email Support/ automation - Basic Facebook knowledge in Facebook Ads - Computer skills ( MS Word, Excel, P... View more
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web developer,virtual assistant Nairobi, Kenya

i have a bachelors degree in information technology worked for two companies as a wordpress and web developer in Deep Africa and as a software engi... View more
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Superstar Virtual Assistant Davao city, Philippines

It's a pleasure to meet you today. This is Jodie from Philippines, and I am an Ecommerce Manager Expert. I've been working with clients through differ... View more
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Virtual Assistant Manila, Philippines

I am fluent in English Language, Have more than 3 years of BPO experience in Customer Service including Hotel Reservation, Technical Support and Mortg... View more
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Virtual Assistant Lagos, Nigeria

I am an Accounting graduate from the University of Lagos (BSc. Accounting), with past experiences in Administrative roles (as an Executive Assistant a... View more
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Dedicated Virtual Assistant Montreal, QC, Canada

Hi! I am Joan, a fashion marketing student, fundraiser and I also have a background in customer service. I am dynamic and will provide support to ... View more
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General Virtual Assistant Cebu, Philippines

As a reliable, self-motivated, and efficient assistant with experience providing remote administrative and personal support to busy professionals acro... View more
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Virtual Assistant Warsaw, Poland

I have experience of 9 years working as Office Manager in a law firm and as Executive Assistant in an international corporation. Experience: handl... View more

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