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business analysis, audit Kyiv , Ukraine

I have always worked for transport services since the beginning of my career. I would make an excellent manager as I highly organized and take a pract... View more
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Business Analysis, Scrum Master Oshawa, ON, Canada

Motivated Digital Consultant with an overall experience of more than 11 years. Worked closely with clients in consulting roles with 3.5 years in the U... View more
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Senior Business Analysis Montreal, QC, Canada

Solid experiences in senior business analysis and entrepreneurship in retail and craftsmanship. Fluent in English, French, Polish. View more
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Technical Sales. Business Analysis Toronto, ON, Canada

• Specialized knowledge in analyzing, documenting current processes and functions of organization to change or improve processes in aligning the bus... View more
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Strategy, business planning/analysis Montreal, QC, Canada

Dynamic business strategist. Diversified background in luxury, ecommerce and finance and a vast experience in managing projects across different funct... View more
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Finance, business analysis,research Mumbai, India

Perseverance, positive attitude and pursuit of excellence are some of the qualities that I bring to the table. An IIM Indore, VJTI alumnus and CFA Lev... View more
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Business Analysis & Development Montreal, QC, Canada

I am well-rounded hardworking individual whose academic, technical and professional managerial training enabled me to fit multiple managerial roles wi... View more
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Business Ops Analysis and Admin Philadelphia, PA, United States

Over the past 2 decades, I've worked in various industries that demanded effective detailed analysis, enabled professional growth as a good communicat... View more
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Business Advisors I Financial Model Jakarta, Indonesia

Certified Invest Banking holder and currently pursuing FMVA ( Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst) and CBCA ( Certified Banking and Credit Anal... View more
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Experienced Business Plan, M&A Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi, My name is Tubagus Djajasantosa. I have more than 18 years of working experiences in the oil & gas, energy, power plant, banking, and car rent... View more
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Business Development Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I believe myself as a creative and analytical entrepreneur who is able to advise clients about what will be their best options. I started my career as... View more
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For business development,customer s Hyderabad, India

I am Vijay Thallada having 11+ years of experience in the field of sales,marketing and business development. I have a masters in Business management. ... View more
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Experienced commercial banker / general manager with wide range of skill sets. Pls refer to Resume attached. Communications, translation Malay/ En... View more
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business plan, financial modelling Jakarta, Indonesia

- CMA, CFA level 2 candidate, Master Accountancy - Skills : Business Plan, Feasibility study, Business Analysis, Cost Management, Business Valuatio... View more
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Bookeeper, Financial Analysis New Delhi, India

Chartered Accountant from India (Equivalent to CPA or ACCA) I'm an Indian Chartered Accountant having 7 years of practical experience in accounting... View more
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Business Analyst Bangalore, India

I'm a Business Analyst with proven experience in RPA and consulting. I have some basic knowledge of the stock market. View more

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