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Digital Marketing Ashburn, VA, United States

#1. Increased Facebook engagement with the blog for over 1,000% with just a $300 investment in two weeks.   #2. Increased book sale... View more
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Digital Marketer Ashburn, VA, United States

Digital marketer with 9 years of professional experience in marketing agencies and as a freelancer. View more
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Facebook and Instagram specialist Ashburn, VA, United States

View more
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Social Media Marketing and SEM New Delhi, India

I am a Digital Marketing Expert with more than 3 years of experience. I have read your job description carefully. I have good experience in Faceboo... View more
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Social Media Manager Vancouver, BC, Canada

A photographer, graphic designer and content creator from Vancouver, BC. She lead multiple projects while extremely personable and enthusiastic. Is ... View more
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Social Media Specialist Austin, TX, United States

I have managed the Social media page of an Organic Boutique and Spa. I successfully created all of the content and logos needed to create an online pr... View more
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Social Media & PR Edmonton, AB, Canada

Bailey is a graduate from the Professional Communication program at MacEwan University and the Television Broadcasting program at NAIT in Edmonton, Al... View more
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Social Media Manager Sofia, Bulgaria

Currently I am studying Psychology. I have German and English certification - C1 level, Bulgarian is my native language. View more
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Social Media Manager Davao city, Philippines

I am John Paul C. Lanit, 43 years old. I have the skills that you need in order for your company to be more productive. I can guaranty you my efficien... View more
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Social Media Manager Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello, it’s me, Shuvo here. I am a social media management expert and working in this sector since 2015 and working for the online marketplace and a... View more
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Marketing Social Media Caracas, Venezuela

I have experience in the development, coordination, and monitoring of projects, and have abilities in interconnection and engagement to create partne... View more
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Graphics designer, Social media Manila, Philippines

I worked as a Social Media Buyers locally here in the Philippines, I can do graphics design for social media contents, can generate organic reach lead... View more
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Social Media Managr Manila, Philippines

Working on something that I enjoy is my passion and this kind of passion and commitment is what I also bring as a Virtual Assistant or Online Freelan... View more
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Social media marketing Lahore , Pakistan

I am a social media marketer and also have experience of proofreading.I also make copywriting. View more
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Expert In Social Media Marketing. Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am Saleh. SEO Professional and Digital Marketer. I am an expert in Social media Marketing. I can Promote any business, products or services to milli... View more
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Social Media Manager Manila, Philippines

I am a Marketing graduate with personal experience in the field of Sales and Marketing. I also have experience as a customer representative taking cal... View more

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