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Digital Marketing Ashburn, VA, United States

#1. Increased Facebook engagement with the blog for over 1,000% with just a $300 investment in two weeks.   #2. Increased book sale... View more
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Digital Marketer Ashburn, VA, United States

Digital marketer with 9 years of professional experience in marketing agencies and as a freelancer. View more
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Facebook and Instagram specialist Ashburn, VA, United States

View more
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Social Media Marketer&Canva Desiger Cairo, Egypt

Hello, If you are looking to grow up your audience on social media to the next level, I am here to help. I have about 1 year of experience in Fa... View more
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Social Media Manager Cairo, Egypt

I have a postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from The American University in Cairo View more
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Media Planner / Social Media Market Mississauga, ON, Canada

Dear Hiring Manager, I am writing to express my interest in the Digital Marketing position at [Company Name]. As an experienced marketing professi... View more
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Social media manager/ content creat Ottawa, ON, Canada

I bring a combination of confidence, creativity, and caffeine . Social media manager and Content creator Double Masters degree View more
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Paid Ads & Social Media Strategist Ottawa, ON, Canada

As a marketing professional, I specialize in crafting strategies for PPC advertising and social media. Over the course of my career, I have collaborat... View more
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Social Media Manager Vancouver, BC, Canada

• Graphic Design Diploma • BA & MA English Communication • Experienced in scheduling posts in Meta, Hootsuite, Heropost & other schedulers ... View more
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Social Media Marketing Bangalore, India

Professional Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills Strong organizational and project management skills Ability to create engaging ... View more
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Social Media Coordinator Montreal, QC, Canada

I have a Bachelor's Degree with Great Distinction in Communication Studies. I have a background in creative arts, media and music. I am most experienc... View more
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Social Media Specialist Montreal, QC, Canada

With experience in Social Media and Career Development, I have been able to target my enthusiasm for education, research, and learning to the field of... View more
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Social Media Content Management Windsor, ON, Canada

Bs Mass Communication specializing in Advertising and PR Certification for Viral Content Creation from University of Pennsylvania IELTS Band 8 View more
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Social Media Manager Lagos, Nigeria

As a certified virtual assistant trained by ALX Group and with extensive coursework from E-marketing Institute in SEO, blogging, digital marketing, an... View more
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Social Media Vaughan, ON, Canada

I design, implement and manage social media programs customized to fit every client’s individual needs. View more
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Marketing, Social Media, Strategy Toronto, ON, Canada

Communication skills, Digital marketing strategy, analytics, social media planning, business plans, media briefs View more

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