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Digital Marketing Ashburn, VA, United States

#1. Increased Facebook engagement with the blog for over 1,000% with just a $300 investment in two weeks.   #2. Increased book sale... View more
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Digital Marketer Ashburn, VA, United States

Digital marketer with 9 years of professional experience in marketing agencies and as a freelancer. View more
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Facebook and Instagram specialist Ashburn, VA, United States

View more
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Social Media Manager Ottawa, ON, Canada

Hi! My name is Sheyne (Shay-na). I am actively looking for a full-time social media management and/or public relations position. After ten years i... View more
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Social Media Manager, Marketing Calgary, AB, Canada

• Microsoft Office and Adobe Design programs • Team Leadership • Project Management • Campaign Development • Branding • Social Media,... View more
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Admin Assistant, and Social Media M Manila, Philippines

Over the years, I have worked in different companies with different roles. I have two years of experience in sales. I work as a sales officer. I have... View more
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Social Media Marketing Lahore , Pakistan

I am Social Media Expert since last three years and have worked with a wide range of entrepreneurs having small businesses, large corporations and ind... View more
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Social media, influencer marketing Montreal, QC, Canada

I have been working in social media and influencer marketing for over 5 years now. I am currently the social media and influencer manager at a fashion... View more
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Experience Social Media Manager Toronto, ON, Canada

Knowledgeable social media strategist experienced in executing social media strategies across social platforms. Demonstrated time management and colla... View more
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Experienced Social Media Manager Barrie, ON, Canada

Experienced social media manager, marketing, product photography, model, influencer View more
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Social Media Manager Hamilton, ON, Canada

After four long years at McMaster University completing my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, I decided to begin a career in Communications and Di... View more
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Social Media Manager Toronto, ON, Canada

3 years of experience in all things social media, graphic design, influencer marketing, and content creation. View more
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Social Media and Account Manager Toronto, ON, Canada

My name is Erika Lindberg. My experience in public relations, social media and advertising has allowed me to learn the importance of planning ahead, e... View more
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Social media and Marketing Oakville, ON, Canada

Dedicated Marketing and Customer Service Personnel highly regarded for their ability to work collaboratively in preparing, developing, and deploying s... View more
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Social Media Marketer London, ON, Canada

While in college, I worked hard to hone my business knowledge and marketing skills. I am focused and attentive to detail when addressing high-volume t... View more
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Social Media Marketing Toronto, ON, Canada

In terms of digital marketing, I am certified by both Google and Hootsuite. I have strong communication abilities, and I bring a lot of creativity to ... View more

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