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Experienced Android Engineer Toronto, ON, Canada

An accomplished Android Engineer specializing in Android development. With a Bachelor of Computer Applications from Sardar Patel University and a Mast... View more
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Frontend developer, Android develop Vancouver, BC, Canada

- Experienced Senior Software Engineer with over 10 years in software development, including 5+ years leading development teams. ( Android, Frontend ... View more
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Android application developer Vancouver, BC, Canada

Results-driven and highly skilled Android Developer with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering and over 4 years of hands-on experience. ... View more
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Senior Kotlin/Android Developer Toronto, ON, Canada

- Programming Languages: Kotlin (primary), Java (optional) - Build Tools: Gradle, KMP - UI/UX Design: Jetpack Compose, XML - Architecture & Design ... View more
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Android Applications Developer Lahore , Pakistan

Sr.Android Developer A Sweden based company providing software platforms for Electronic Transactions and Digital Wallets. Work Responsibility: Devel... View more
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Android Developer Odessa, Ukraine

Kotlin, Java, Android, Android Studio, Android SDK, Kotlin Coroutines, Database SQLite View more
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Android Developer Karachi , Pakistan

Professional Android Application Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in MVVM, MVC, MVP, Depend... View more
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Experienced Android Developer Kolkata, India

Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is Bharat Kumar, and I am a highly skilled and motivated freelancer with expertise in Android app development... View more
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Software Engineer,Android Developer Columbus, OH, United States

Energetic software engineer with 2 years of experience especially in mobile development, and back-end development area which enable me to create softw... View more
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Android App developer Lahore , Pakistan

I will fix, optimize android app and be your mobile app developer. I am a professional Android Developer with 2+ years of market experience. I... View more
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Android Developer Vancouver, BC, Canada

Professional Android Developer, Having Experience in developing large scale apps for Finance, IoT, Short Video, CRM and Service based. Use the best te... View more
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Android Developer Ahmedabad, India

i am an Android Developer i have 5 year plus experience in android app development View more
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Professional Android/iOS developer Kyiv , Ukraine

We are the team of developers that customizes and develops mobile applications. We have Android, iOS and hybrid frameworks our expertise covers like C... View more
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Android Developer Thunderbay, ON, Canada

Develop new complex mobile applications from top to bottom (user interface design, application design, implementation, unit and functional testing, de... View more
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Android Developer London, UK, United Kingdom

I started programming at the age of 12. I have years of experience and I am now focused on developing quality android applications. View more
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Android developer Montreal, QC, Canada

Android studio , Java, XML, SDK, API, JSON, Firebase , Arduino, Sensors, Python, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, View more

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