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Disaster Recovery & Mobile Comms Ashburn, VA, United States

Retired from the US army reserves after working for 10 years on active duty with the most elite military units our nation has. The most interesting... View more
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Industrial Engineering related job Jakarta, Indonesia

Hello, I am Ditta, currently working as industrial engineer. My job description is making layout (2D & 3D), capacity calculation, and material flow... View more
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Engineering Technical Writer Kitchener, ON, Canada

Current PhD student in Mechanical Engineering working on development of novel bio-adhesives. I completed a Master of Science in Clinical Studies in 20... View more
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Manager Engineering Maintenance New Delhi, India

- Leading one of the largest change management journeys for engineering function at regional level. This change involved mindset transformation, enh... View more
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Mechanical Engineering Technologist Victoria,BC, Canada

Since 1988, I have been produced literally tens of thousands of drawings and design solutions to clients across a diverse mix of industries, including... View more
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MSc Renewable Energy Engineering Mexico City, Mexico

Masters degree in Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of Aberdeen. Dissertation: “Renewable energy potential at a small industrial harbo... View more
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Mechanical engineering Jerusalem, Israel

I have always had an interest in studying abroad and gaining new experiences. I am willing to work hard to achieve success. I am mostly financially ... View more
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Electronic Engineering Consultant Sacramento,CA, United States

Electronic Engineer 40 years experience. Analog design, mixed signal system design, power supply all aspects of productization and design optimizatio... View more
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Business and Engineering Analyst Austin, TX, United States

Data analytics and model development has been at forefront of achievements throughout my career. I have automated financial and operational reports by... View more
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Oil and Gas, Engineering, Petroleum Calgary, AB, Canada

I have 25+ years of experience in Petroleum Engineering in Argentina, Canada and the USA. I also have experience in the golf industry. Currently finis... View more
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SolidWorks [CSWE] Geometric Tolerances GD&T Reverse Engineering Geomagic DesignX 3D Modeled, replicate parts and drawigns files 2D, read GD&T a... View more
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Engineering Physicist Montreal, QC, Canada

Have some experience in the photonics/optics field, numerical simulation, computer vision and programming. View more
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Project Management/ Engineering Edmonton, AB, Canada

Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Alberta 4 Years experience in project management of high-voltage power line design and constructi... View more
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Product Design Engineering El Paso, TX, United States

Retired after 45 year professional career; Mechanical, Electrical & Manufacturing Engineering; Engineering Management; Market Research & New Product ... View more
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Advanced Mechanical Engineering Tec Toronto, ON, Canada

I am a recent graduate from OACETT (The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists) authorized and Canada's nationally... View more
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Engineering Montreal, QC, Canada

I am very hard worker. Create new ideas to improve knowledge .. View more

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