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Steven Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Embedded software engineer

I am fluent in C++ and C#, familiar with .NET Core and Xamarin.Forms, and have done a significant amount of work with microcontrollers (MSP430, Arduin...

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abdelkader Algiers, Algeria

Embedded systems & software develop

The ambitious and hardworking, with skills and experience in computer programming and embedded systems. the strength key is communication, building...

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Abdelhalim Ottawa, ON, Canada

Expert in embedded software

• 16 years of R&D and project management experience in real-time embedded system programming MCUs and FPGA-based systems: automotive remote access c...

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ganesh Chennai, India

Embedded Software Developer

• Experienced in software development in Linux, VxWorks and PowerTv operating system. • Experienced in integrating open source components. • E...

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Ashish Toronto, ON, Canada

Lead Embedded Software Engineer

● 9+ years specialized in multiple product development from conception to launch - including designing, coding, implementation, and testing...

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Markus Montreal, QC, Canada

Embedded Software Engineer

Experienced Embedded Systems Engineer working in the semiconductors industry and applied research. Skilled in Embedded Software, Assembler, C and ...

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Yingcai Toronto, ON, Canada

Embedded Software Development

I love to do creative things, and I try to apply my love for it whenever I can. Programming and software development are my key interest while in uni...

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Sameh Kingston, ON, Canada

Embedded software developer

Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint Programming: C, C++, LabView, Matlab. Embedded: IAR, Code Composer, RTOS, Microcontrollers, CC111x, TMS320 DSP, MSP...

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Jory Montreal, QC, Canada

Software Architect, Embedded Dev.

With over thirty years experience writing software in C/C++/VB, my products have been used by NASA, the US Navy, and daily on the Nymex exchange for o...

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Dong Montreal, QC, Canada

Embedded software developer

5+ years’ experience using C/C++, RAPID, Ladder and Python languages for the development on Linux, FreeRTOS, Windows and firmware & devices’ drive...

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Kasriel Toronto, ON, Canada

Embedded Software/Hardware Developer

RF Basics learned from work done at Tyco Surface Mount Soldering Skills, developed as a hardware engineer at Tyco Circuit Design for small circuits ...

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Hein Cape Town, South Africa

Embedded Software

C, C++, C#, PHP, bare metal, RTOS, NIX and Windows based embedded developer with experience in firmware, software and hardware development using a wid...

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Mohammad Halifax, NS, Canada

Mobile, Web & Embedded Software Dev

Passionate about user experience of software. Dozens of mobile web & IoT apps completed and counting. Specialties: Objective-C/Swift, iPhone/iPad...

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En Yong Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

embedded software engineer

- can do English to Cihnese translation vice versa - do PCB layout Altium - C/C++ language program - data entry, etc excel sheet - technical suppo...

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Ahmed Cairo, Egypt

Programming, Embedded Software Engineering

I have worked in an IT company as an intern Android developer 7 months. I have enrolled a 3-months diploma in embedded systems.

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Naveen Kumar Toronto, ON, Canada

Software Developer

Application Integration Developer - Primary Skillset - Oracle Service Bus, Oracel SOA Suite, Mule ESB

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