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Office/Admin Task Ashburn, VA, United States

Word, Excel, Data entry, Essay writing, Legal Writing, Sending out letters or emails, View more
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Computers/Admin Ashburn, VA, United States

Concierge for Sunrise Senior Living answer phones, direct calls to proper department. Provided customer service to residents and their families. Assis... View more
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Customer Service Representative Manila, Philippines

I am positive that the skills and knowledge I have learned and acquired from these experiences would be beneficial for me to perform the job efficien... View more
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Customer Service Cebu, Philippines

I am working as a customer service representative for almost 4 years now in BPO industry. I am goal-oriented individual with a pleasant personality an... View more
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Customer Service Manila, Philippines

I used to work in the BPO industry for more than 10 years. I am looking for home-based work. I've handled Bellsouth, McAfee, Microsoft Xbox, AT&T, Ama... View more
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Customer Service Representative Quezon city, Philippines

Resolved and de-escalated customer complaints by solving issues quickly, achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. Implementing the client's ... View more
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Customer service,office work Toronto, ON, Canada

I have two diplomas,one for business administration and the other for Accounts and payroll. Apart from English I am also fluent in creole language .I... View more
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customer service Oshawa, ON, Canada

Worked in customer service, started school for applied mathematics and switched to accounting. Native English speaker. View more
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cashier, customer service Mississauga, ON, Canada

I have done my bachelors in business administration and now pursuing with global business management Ontario graduated certificate I have strong commu... View more
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Customer Support/Service Manila, Philippines

I only finished Senior High School. I took several courses such as Facebook and Instagram ads courses and being a Virtual Assistant. Up until now, I k... View more
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Customer Service Expert Toronto, ON, Canada

• Reliable, hardworking, problem solving, initiative, communication, team player, conflict management, time management, planning and organization, l... View more
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Chemical Engineer, Customer service Kingston, ON, Canada

I have Masters in Applied Chemistry from Queen's University. Previously, I acquired post graduate certification in Environmental Engineering and also ... View more
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customer service Montreal, QC, Canada

College degree in Psychlogy Currently studies: Psychology BA 4.5 years experience in the customer service industry. - Work well in a team o... View more
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customer service. Assistant Montreal, QC, Canada

communication skills, customer service oriented, creative, responsible, able to learn and adapt fast, teamwork, empathetic, organization, fluent in En... View more
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Leadership, customer service Casablanca, Morocco

I'm a second year university student majoring in English literature and I'm also working at the world's largest youth-run organization: AIESEC. I got ... View more
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Customer Service Davao city, Philippines

I've been with Home Insurance(AmericanHomeShield) as a retention specialist for 2 years Att ISM(TELCO&SALES) for 6 MONTHS and with Debt settlement ac... View more

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