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Office/Admin Task Ashburn, VA, United States

Word, Excel, Data entry, Essay writing, Legal Writing, Sending out letters or emails, View more
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Computers/Admin Ashburn, VA, United States

Concierge for Sunrise Senior Living answer phones, direct calls to proper department. Provided customer service to residents and their families. Assis... View more
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Customer Service Representative Manila, Philippines

I have strong problem-solving skills that allow me to identify customer needs and solve problems. I am also able to effectively communicate with custo... View more
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Freelancer/customer service Marseilles, France

Hi, I've been working for years in hotels as a front desk receptionist so I managed sales, answering calls, typing email, taking reservations, ens... View more
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Customer Service and Administrative Niagara, ON, Canada

Licensed real estate agent with a high level knowledge of customer service, negotiations, and providing clients with the information needed to make st... View more
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Customer Service Caloocan, Philippines

I am good in communication skills because I worked in a BPO Industry for 3 years with different accounts such as; Travel, Technical and Health Account... View more
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Administration, Customer Service Cornwall, ON, Canada

Result-driven and seasoned HR professional with 10+ years of experience managing an international workforce – planning, executing, and monitoring ... View more
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Customer Service Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic

Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Proactivity, leadership, and responsibility stand out for me. I seek to apply all my knowledge. at the... View more
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Customer Service Long Beach, CA, United States

Personable and dedicated Customer Service Representative with extensive experience in the retail industry. Solid team player with an upbeat, positive ... View more
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Customer Service & Sales Mississauga, ON, Canada

I am an experienced customer service and sales professional, specializing in customer focused selling, active listening and conflict resolution. View more
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Data Entry, Customer Service Bakersfield, CA, United States

• Responsible for providing a high quality of customer service by providing product and service information. • Received, qualified, and processe... View more
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Customer Service Montreal, QC, Canada

Représentante au service à la clientèle, 05/2005 - Actuel Importcom distribution inc - BOISBRIAND, québec - Emploi permanent • Mise en place ... View more
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Customer Service, Virtual Assistant Manila, Philippines

I have 4 years of experience as a Customer Service Representative. I handled Online shopping for flowers and furniture. I assist customers with their ... View more
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Customer Service Specialist Buenos Aires, Argentina

A journalist with a diploma in governance and political management I am a Spanish native speaker with advanced English language skills Currently stu... View more
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Administration and Customer Service Montreal, QC, Canada

Qualifications - Languages spoken and written : Bilingual (French and English) - Over 5 years of customer service experience - Good computer skil... View more
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Bilingual Customer Service St Catherines, ON, Canada

Professional with over 10 years of experience in Customer Service, Inside Sales. I've worked in different environments including call centers. I... View more

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