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Accountant Financial Controlller Ashburn, VA, United States

I am an accomplished Accountant and Financial Controller with 10+ years’ experience in these positions. I have a demonstrated history of working to ... View more
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Senior Accountant Toronto, ON, Canada

I am a CPA(US) with a Master's degree in Commerce specializing in Accounts & Finance. I have experience of 2.5 years in Accounting and finance with 1.... View more
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Accountant/Controller/Auditor/ Dakar , Senegal

07/2021/ - 09/2021: English Content Researcher ; watchingamerica, USA (Remote Work) 04/2016/ - present: Administrative Agent - Controller ... View more
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Project accountant-Payroll Manager Toronto, ON, Canada

Active listening Communication Computer skills Customer service Interpersonal skills Leadership Management skills Problem-solving Time managem... View more
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Accountant Toronto, ON, Canada

Accounts & Finance Manager Doctorate in International Finance from Kazian Global School of Business Management [2016] Lean Six Sigma Green Belt [... View more
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Accountant Halifax, NS, Canada

I have been running a self employed business since 2017. Co founded multiple companies and one just hit the one million asset mark. Accountant by prof... View more
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Experienced General Accountant Manila, Philippines

Skilled, flexible, hardworking, trustworthy, and organized Accountant with over 11 years’ experience in General Accounting - financial statement pre... View more
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Junior Accountant Calgary, AB, Canada

I have two years of experience in full-cycle accounting. View more
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Accountant, bookkeeping Montreal, QC, Canada

company full cycle accounting, English (Fluent), Mandarin (Native), French (Limited working proficiency) View more
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Experienced Accountant / Bookkeeper Vancouver, BC, Canada

An articulate professional who can ensure a business is financially sound, have robust financial processes and deliver on its financial targets. I hav... View more
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Experienced Accountant, Bookkeeper Oakville, ON, Canada

I worked for over 10 years in accounting both in Canada and abroad. In my recent post, I worked with QuickBooks on a daily basis. Among the tasks perf... View more
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Chartered Accountant Mumbai, India

I am a Chartered Accountant with 3 years of training in a CA Firm. I have worked in the areas of statutory audits, tax audits, income tax return filin... View more
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I have done my Graduation in Bachelor in Commerce from Mumbai University. I am the CEO of ADS E-ventures LLP , Mumbai , India and through the said... View more
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Accountant Jakarta, Indonesia

I have educational background and job experienced in Accounting and Financial field. I have experience to prepare Company Business Plan, Standard Oper... View more
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Bookkeeper | AP Accountant | VA Manila, Philippines

Accomplished Accounts Payable Accountant with high degree of professionalism and strong problem solving abilities. With great exposure in the finance... View more
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Accountant Manila, Philippines

Philippines Certified Public Accountant (CPA). With knowledge of Australian accounting. Graduated Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in a college. I c... View more

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