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Digital Marketing Ashburn, VA, United States

#1. Increased Facebook engagement with the blog for over 1,000% with just a $300 investment in two weeks.   #2. Increased book sale... View more
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Digital Marketer Ashburn, VA, United States

Digital marketer with 9 years of professional experience in marketing agencies and as a freelancer. View more
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Content writer , resesrcher Ashburn, VA, United States

I am a graduate medical students with great hands-on skill in writing for biological sciences , business and politics. View more
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Editing, writing, blogging, content Los Angeles, CA, United States

Independent communications professional with 15+ years' experience in content creation and curation for print and online media. Editor, writer, blogge... View more
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Creative writing, blogging San Francisco, CA, United States

I have a certificate of achievement in American Sign Language (ASL) and have been tutoring/ teaching ASL for a few years. I have been freelance bloggi... View more
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Writing , Blogging, communication Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am in Univerisity for an English Literature and Communicaions/ Journalism degree. I speak four languages (English, Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian, and am ... View more
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Blogging Expert & Content Writer Lahore , Pakistan

This is Ehtsham Shehzad! I'm a blogger and content writer with experience of more than 5 years. I have participated in many online content writing and... View more
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Article writing and blogging Nairobi, Kenya

I am extremely dedicated and professional freelancer. I write short and long articles on health, lifestyle, family life and technology. I am an expert... View more
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Blogging/Writing Lagos, Nigeria

A graduate of Statistics/Computer Science with over 8 years post-graduate work experience with 2 years specialized writing and blogging. I and my tea... View more
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Blogging, writing, Editing Montreal, QC, Canada

Freelance writer with more than 15 years of experience. My work has appeared in various Literary Journals and Anthologies. I am extremely detail ori... View more
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Ghost Writing, blogging, Tampa, FL, United States

I have been a professional Ghostwriter for over twelve years now. I offer quick turn around, no need for editing my copy and I am flexible in the genr... View more
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SEO, BLogging, Articles Writing Bakersfield, CA, United States

Hey, I’m Jackadision from California City. I am a professional SEO, expert in writing blogs, site content along with back link analysis, executing ... View more
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Technical writing/blogging Seattle, WA, United States

I'm a professional writer who maintains a blog (at about media and technology topics. Technology topics I've written about inclu... View more
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Writing/Blogging San Jose, CA, United States

Ann Marie Elizaga, a staff writer, book reviewer blogger, food critic blogger. She was a staff writer for the San Jose City Times and finished commu... View more
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writing, blogging, copywriting Montreal, QC, Canada

I am fully bilingual, a fast learner and can work well with others. I was a contributor to Montrealites, an online student blog and presently freelanc... View more
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Writing/Blogging Toronto, ON, Canada

I create unique and original content that will create engagement with a target market. The challenge of understanding how to communicate with differen... View more

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