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Ted Toronto, ON, Canada

Writing, Editing, Photography

Have worked as a freelance writer/journalist for 18 years and am proficient in both Mac and Windows, plus iOS and Android. I have also been a photogra...

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Jacqueline Milan, Italy


I have experience in event planning I have a certificate in photography I have a bachelor degree in corporate communication and am currently attendi...

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Tishara Philadelphia, PA, United States

Photoshop, Photography

I am a social worker looking to incorporate my photography skills to my degree and improve my skills over the summer.

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Fahad St Catherines, ON, Canada

photography, photoshop,

I am creative and logical person thats why i have skills from both areas. I have many more from the lists but can select due to limit.

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Robin Toronto, ON, Canada


After six years of professional experience in digital communication, photography and press relations for different well-known french companies, ended ...

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Matthew Cape Town, South Africa

Copywriting & Photography

I am a native English speaker that has a passion for effective communication and using the written word as a tool to enhance business opportunities. I...

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Mathieu Montreal, QC, Canada

Directeur of photography

I am an experienced director of photography with close to 20 years experience. I am very creative and involved in all my work. I can't wait to shar...

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Alvaro Vancouver, BC, Canada

Graphic Design, Photography, Social

Hey! I am a Vancouver-based communications professional who specializes in brand storytelling through design, photo, and video. I am passionate about ...

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Laura Toronto, ON, Canada


I’ve looked at the world a little differently since before I could walk. And while most may have a camera on their phone these days, it’s still a ...

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Tiana Toronto, ON, Canada

Video/Photography, Graphic Design

Tiana has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Film Production and a minor in Computational Arts from York University in Toronto, ON; as well as experi...

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Raymond Montreal, QC, Canada

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photographer. Expertise are E-commerce photography, Creative Marketing and production management.

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Stephen Montreal, QC, Canada

Photography, Retouching

Highly organized, enthusiastic, and motivated photographer and retoucher with a passion for fine art and a good eye for composition and detail. Throug...

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Lana Toronto, ON, Canada

Food Photography & Styling

As a Toronto food photographer and stylist I get inspired by the variety and the diversity of foods and ingredients available to me. I enjoy working w...

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natalia Montreal, QC, Canada


Hey! I have a bachelor's in Multiplatform Journalism and a diploma in social media and digital marketing. I'm a media production machine! Photo, v...

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Paul Edmonton, AB, Canada


Advanced Photography and Video skills Med to advanced editing video Advanced photography editing 15+ years direct sales experience , DSD, direct to...

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Luna Montreal, QC, Canada

Photography retouching

Proven work experience as a photo editor Solid experience with digital technology and photo editing software packages (e.g. Photoshop, Pixlr and Affi...

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