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Pamela Edmonton, AB, Canada

Medical receptionist/ assistant

I worked in a podiatrist office as a administrative office manager and as his assistant. I also travelled with him and performed Shockwave, nail care ...

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Lavonda Atlanta, GA, United States

administrative assistant

I've been in the health care field for a while...I love helping and assisting others.

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Samar Montreal, QC, Canada

Administrative Assistant, Sales

More than 3 years of experience as a Sales Associate 1 year experience as an Administrative Assistant More than 6 months experience in customer ser...

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casey Houston, TX, United States

Administrative Assistant

Excel spreadsheets Microsoft Office proficiency Meticulous attention to detail Self-directed Professional and mature Resourceful Dedicated team ...

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Brenda Houston, TX, United States

Certified Nurse Assistant

Working as a team player, I believe in everyone participating and learning together. I have a very creative mind in situating, designing and being n...

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Melanie Toronto, ON, Canada

Nursing Student

My name is Melanie Manning and I am a humanitarian in training. I believe my purpose in life is to alleviate human suffering by providing medical care...

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Maricel Miami, FL, United States


BSN RN in the phillipines since 2009 . Work experience Hospice and palliative nurse for 5 years. English proficient

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Taylor Edmonton, AB, Canada

Nursing Student

I am a very sociable person, and I love talking to and meeting new people. I have very good people skills and have no problem communicating. This qual...

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Izz eddin Montreal, QC, Canada

Nursing/quality coordinator/public

Can work under pressure, multi tasking driver, have good experience with documentations and quality system including forms development related to hosp...

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Lara Toronto, ON, Canada

Nursing Student/Personal Support Worker (7 years)

• Enthusiastic and cheerful, friendly, passionate, people-oriented, dedicated • Excellent in communicating clearly and effectively, with strong o...

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Christina Montreal, QC, Canada


McGill University – Montreal, Quebec Bachelor of Science in Nursing Throughout my years of being a nursing student, I have learned to bec...

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Talita Sao Paulo, Brazil

Customer service

I speak English and Portuguese, I have 5 years experience in customer service,I lived abroad and I'm a team player.

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Ayman Montreal, QC, Canada


Organized the shelves in the store Merchandising duties Interaction with different customers I have work experience in India Shose store

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Santa Manila, Philippines

Freelancer and Match maker

Computer literate Can type up to 35 wpm Sales expert Planner Assist in admin needs Assist in medical needs

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Emmelaine Manila, Philippines

Co-Owner food stall business/ CG/NA

I'm a computer-savvy, hardworking, a fast learner and patient. I can handle tasks and deal with people without difficulty. I prioritize effective co...

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Ricardo Caracas, Venezuela

contador, mejor empleado , diseño ,

diseño , animacion , salud

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