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Office/Admin Task Ashburn, VA, United States

Word, Excel, Data entry, Essay writing, Legal Writing, Sending out letters or emails, View more
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Legal Services Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a Licensed Paralegal in Ottawa ON. I am a freelancer . Since April 2017 I have been drafting legal documents in Ontario, I have also been appeari... View more
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Legal Services, Customer Services Ottawa, ON, Canada

 Experience in Researching records, Applicable Law, Case Law via CanLII  Knowledge of Administrative Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law and Le... View more
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Legal Services Provider Zagreb, Croatia

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School with honors in 2001. I practiced law for the next 13 years, and for 11 of those years, I owned... View more
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Experienced Accounting Services Toronto, ON, Canada

25 years experience in all facets of accounting, with expertise in the Real Estate, Mortgage and Law firm industries. 4th Level CGA, Law Clerk Diplom... View more
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Human Resource and Legal Consultant Bangalore, India

I am currently pursuing my MSc in Human Resource Management from Trinity College, Dublin. My previous work experience has imbibed in me various skills... View more
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Legal Consultant Paris, France

I hold a Master's degree in law and finance from the University of Oxford. I have worked for a total of two years in consulting and law at top firm... View more
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Legal Assistant Ottawa, ON, Canada

• Attorney in Peru registered under the Peruvian Bar - C.A.L. No.: 67233 • Over 02 years of experience working with federal and municipal governm... View more
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Legal Assistant Toronto, ON, Canada

Experienced legal real estate professional having demonstrated experience in both public and private sectors in commercial real estate, asset manageme... View more
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Legal Specialist Toronto, ON, Canada

Experienced Law Clerk with a demonstrated history of working in the Risk Management and legal services industry. Skilled in Contract Management, Negot... View more
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Legal Practitioner St. Louis, MO, United States

I am a Master of Laws with a Concentration in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution graduate of Washington University in St Louis. I was called to th... View more
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Paralegal Surrey, BC, Canada

Ambition, independence, and professionalism are some of the traits I take pride in. The majority of my adult life I have worked part-time or full-time... View more
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Legal assesor Madrid, Spain

I consider myself as a very perfectionist and organised person with attention to detail view, which I believe are strong skills for projects that requ... View more
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Experienced legal corporate officer Diekirch, Luxembourg

Master degree in law Master degree in management Work experience in financial sector. View more
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Legal Research, Writing, Energy Burlington, VT, United States

Strong professional with a summa cum laude Juris Doctor degree from Vatican City and Master of Laws-LLM focused in Energy Law and Policy from Vermont ... View more
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Legal Advocate San Diego, CA, United States

Motivated Legal Advocate with strong drive, engaging personality and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Ready to bring and combine acqu... View more

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