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Branding Calgary, AB, Canada

Professional Experience •Foreman / supervisor experience •Construction Safety Certified ( CSTS ) •Occupational first aid level 2 •Fork... View more
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Branding, logo design, PR Newark, NJ, United States

I have been working with secured leap since November 2020. I have worked with children for over seven years. I have worked in customer service for abo... View more
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branding , graphic design Bogotá, Colombia

Professional in communication design with emphasis and experience in branding, conceptualization, communication strategies and corporate design. With ... View more
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Business & Branding Specialist Miami, FL, United States

Joy inspires, motivates, and educates businesses on how to leverage emerging digital marketing and social media marketing to standout from the noise a... View more
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Marketing | Branding | Communicatin Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic

Hi! My name is Steffi Fondeur and I am passionate about everything related to marketing, copywriting and blogging. I am experienced at helping brands ... View more
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Strategic Marketing, Branding, Atlanta, GA, United States

M.B.A. Business and International Marketing Illinois State University (I.S.U.) Normal, IL August 2001 B.S. Marketing: International Business ... View more
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Branding, Senior Designer Buenos Aires, Argentina

Specialist in building Brands. Giving it a meaning through a solid concept is what I seek to build brands. To do this, I do an investigation of the... View more
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Branding & Digital Marketing Agency Mumbai, India

Digital agency delivering business outcomes. We partner with clients to drive their business outcomes with intelligent design, innovative strategy, ef... View more
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Marketing and Branding Specialst Mississauga, ON, Canada

• Marketing professional with 13+ years of experience in Consumer Goods, Retail & Manufacturing sector. • MBA graduate from Cardiff University, ... View more
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Retail buyer, branding Caracas, Venezuela

Entrepreneur with leadership aptitude and attitude, social sense, self-management capacity, high capacity to structure, organize, delegate and execute... View more
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Branding Montreal, QC, Canada

• Over 5 years of experience in Graphic Designing, I worked on the concepts of wire-frames, mock-ups, and prototypes that lead to intuitive use... View more
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Graphics, Branding, Copywriting Manila, Philippines

A professional in the media field since 2012, backed up by a wide range of experience and education. I am a Jack-of-All-Trades, and always up for any ... View more
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Branding, Motion Graphic Designer Santiago, Chile

I'm Joseph León, Motion Graphic Designer. I have had extensive experience in the field of design and audiovisual media. From having worked only as... View more
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Branding, Design & Website Mumbai, India

I am a founder of two marketing solutions organizations with extensive knowledge in Marketing and web applications. We tend to develop websites and ma... View more
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Branding and Marketing Strategist Seattle, WA, United States

I have a mountain of experience in B2B and B2C brand strategy, marketing plans, website design and development, sales presentations, content developme... View more
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Branding & Website Expert San Diego, CA, United States

* Full-stack Development (WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, etc.) * Brand Strategy (Storybrand Framework, Brand development, Sales Funne... View more

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