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REVIT, AutoCad, Detail, Modeling Bogotá, Colombia

With more than nine years of experience in architecture, I have gained competences in the different scales of architecture and urban planning. The kno... View more
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3D Modeling and AutoCad Drafting Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am a 3D Artist, having over 2 years of experience in 3D graphics, including modelling, texturing, animating, lighting, rendering, scripting, for rea... View more
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3d-2d autocad, 3d modeling, Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I'm an architect and interior designer Some example of my work are exist in my website http://alinasiri.info/ View more
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Revit Modeling Specialist Toronto, ON, Canada

Over 40 years of Canadian Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Construction Management and Building Design experience. Design Coordination Special... View more
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3d modeling, 3d design, Solidworks Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hello! My name is Nalin and I am a Mechanical Engineer and SolidWorks Certified Engineer My project experience includes both designing parts from i... View more
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3D Modeling and Rendering artist Cleveland, OH, United States

A 3D rendering artist. With extensive knowledge and experience in the construction and design world. I specialize in developing interior and exterio... View more
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3D Cad Modeling/Drafting Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mechanical Designer I am a hard worker and fast learner. Able to work for long hours and I maintain high productivity at work. 1. Autodesk Invento... View more
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Technical Drawing | 3D Modeling Lisbon, Portugal

I provide Autocad design and production drawing services. My current experience is in furniture design and millwork, but my background has allowed me ... View more
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3D Modeling, After Effects Montreal, QC, Canada

L'aventure dure depuis 20 ans. Satisfaire le client est la priorité. Avec plusieurs '' Skills'' a son arc je peux réaliser vos projets de la conce... View more
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Architect, 3d modeling, rendering Nashville-Davidson, TN, United States

I am a registered architect with extensive expertise in all CAD qnd 3D modeling software programs, as well as hand renderings and technical and creati... View more
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Modeling and Texturing 3D - Graphic Montreal, QC, Canada

I have a AEC degree at the college Bart in animation 2D-3D .Bachelor's degree in graphic & art visual . My language are English,French and Persian. ... View more
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design architecture, 3d modeling Hanoi, Vietnam

I WILL MAKE A VIRTUAL HOME STAGING I take a photo of an empty room and then virtually stage it full of furniture & decorations. I can add designer... View more
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3d modeling, auto cad drawner, Barcelona, Spain

architect, amateur photographer, auto cad drawner, photoshop and illustrator user, 3d rendering and modeling maker, english and spanish speaker, res... View more
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3D Modeling and Design Cleveland, OH, United States

I am a professional 3D designer with over 20 years experience designing products, tooling, flat sheet, assemblies, and much much more. I have worked... View more
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3D Modeling Oshawa, ON, Canada

I am a 3D modeler who has graduated in Game Development. I am able to model beautiful high polys and low polys, as well as texture/paint them. I frequ... View more
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Architect - 3d Modeling Guatemala City, Guatemala

Practicing independent architect for over 30 years. Skilled in Autocad and Sketchup. Also experienced guitar player. Have arranged and produced com... View more

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