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Video production/content creator Kelowna, BC, Canada

I am the Owner, and Coordinator at AZMK Productions Inc. and we create professional, high-quality video content for both product and service based bus... View more
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Video Production, Filming, Editing New York, NY, United States

Hi there, I hope you're doing well! My name is Stefanie, it's nice to e-meet you. I'm sure we would really enjoy working together on your video. L... View more
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Production Vidéo Montreal, QC, Canada

Vidéographe/Éditeur dans le domaine depuis plus de 4 ans diplômé de Yorkville University a Toronto. (Toronto Film School) J'ai des habiletés p... View more
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Video Production Montreal, QC, Canada

View more
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Video Production Specialist Los Angeles, CA, United States

I am a certified drone pilot with four years of aerial cinematography experience. I have a BA in Film Production I have over ten years of video cre... View more
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Video Production Specialist Toronto, ON, Canada

A cinematographer and video production specialist currently based out of Toronto Canada. Has a thorough and in depth knowledge of a large variety of c... View more
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Video production Montreal, QC, Canada

Maître en journalisme international de l'Université Laval et bachelier en journalisme et relations publiques de l'Université Laurentienne, Jean-Max... View more
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Music and video production Montreal, QC, Canada

I have over 10 years experience in music and video production. View more
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Video Production and Director Montreal, QC, Canada

I have been in the creative and artistic world for essentially my whole life. I have studied and specialized in film, music, visual arts, marketing, b... View more
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Video Production Calgary, AB, Canada

Premiere video production services in Calgary, Canada. We specialize in creating premium digital content, for TV, Web and Social Media. We’re your o... View more
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Video Editor/Post-Production Kyiv , Ukraine

I’m Youssef Toufik, 23 years old, born in Morocco, this is my last year as a Bachelor degree in Computer Science student in KNURE, In Ukraine. I’... View more
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Video postproduction Tirana, Albania

I'm a cinematographer and video editor from 2009. I have worked for many years for a company and a film professor at a film school in my... View more
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Production vidéo Montreal, QC, Canada

Coordonnateur de projets, président d’entreprise et passionné de la production télévisuelle et cinématographique, j’ai été également sur t... View more
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Studio Lead, Video PRoduction Toronto, ON, Canada

• Experienced in all aspects of the project management process; assessment, strategic planning, pre-production planning, timing and budgeting, team ... View more
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Audio video production, Marketing Vaughan, ON, Canada

Audio video production and Technology, systems design, troubleshooting, networking View more
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réalisation et production vidéo Lille, France

Réalisation de : 11 Événements publique Plus de 500 reportages vidéos Plus de 50 Mini-docus, documentaires et portraits Plus de 40 clips vidé... View more

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