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Graphic Designer/Creative Director Ashburn, VA, United States

I’m an experienced Graphic Designer, Art Director, Creative Director with an extensive background in large ad agencies and mid-sized design firms. T... View more
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Facebook ads, Graphic Design Manila, Philippines

Social media Posting, Editing Photos, and Basic design. Certificates: Visual Graphics Design National Certificate III Computer System Servicing N... View more
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Graphic Designer Sao Paulo, Brazil

Highly creative and detail-oriented graphic designer with 10 years of experience translating clients' visions into compelling visual designs. Proficie... View more
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Graphic Designer Karachi , Pakistan

I am a highly skilled graphic designer with a passion for creating visually appealing and impactful designs. With a strong background in design princi... View more
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Graphic Designer Lahore , Pakistan

Hy! I'm a Graphic Designer who loves creating captivating visual experiences. Below are the services I offer: •Logo / Brand Identity Design •Bu... View more
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Graphic Design Calgary, AB, Canada

Hello there! I'm thrilled to introduce myself as a recent graduate of ABM College, holding a diploma in Graphic Design. My journey into the world of d... View more
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Professional Graphic Designer Vancouver, BC, Canada

I'm a professional graphic designer with over seven (7) years of industry experience in the design world, helping individuals and businesses promote t... View more
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graphic designer Manila, Philippines

I’m more than graphic designer, you called me a problem solver in your graphic design field so, if you have any problem in your design and you have ... View more
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Web Developer, Graphic Designer Toronto, ON, Canada

I am a seasoned professional with over 5 years of comprehensive experience in web development, web design, and graphic design. My technical skill set ... View more
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Graphic Designer Toronto, ON, Canada

Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects), Figma; and experienced in creating a wide range of design materi... View more
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Graphic designer Montreal, QC, Canada

I graduated from John Abbott College with a Graphic and Web Design degree. I also worked with clients that required adaptability and leadership very ... View more
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graphic design Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

I have a broad skill set because I have a diploma in computer science and have taken specific courses in graphic design and digital marketing. I am an... View more
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Graphic Designer Nairobi, Kenya

Creative graphic designer with innovative ideas and a unique approach to visuals. of experience developing designs for Logos and Templates, online we... View more
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UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer Mumbai, India

I'm a UI/UX, Product Designer from Mumbai, India. I love crafting creative solutions for difficult problems. Interfaces for me are a blend of logic, ... View more
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Digital Product/Graphics Designer Los Angeles, CA, United States

Brand Architect | Digital Product Designer | Content Alchemist Masterminding creative solutions for 5+ years. As a one-stop shop, I design logos, w... View more
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Graphic Designer Seville, Spain

A graphic designer with more than 9 years of diverse and intensive experience in producing fun meaningful polished digital experiences: → main comp... View more

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