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Graphic Designer/Creative Director Ashburn, VA, United States

I’m an experienced Graphic Designer, Art Director, Creative Director with an extensive background in large ad agencies and mid-sized design firms. T... View more
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Creative GraphiC Designer Hamilton, ON, Canada

Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After-Effects, Adobe XD, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Mac, PC, Microsoft Teams... View more
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Graphic Designer Kitchener, ON, Canada

My name is Adam. I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer, UX & UI Designer, and Editor based in the Greater Toronto Area & Halifax. Since receiving my P... View more
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Graphic Designer Vancouver, BC, Canada

-Graphic designer degree -Constantly taking courses to improve my skills -Fluent in english and spanish -Team Player -Highly creative View more
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Graphic Designer/Animator/Filmmaker Montreal, QC, Canada

Student pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Studies and a certificate in Graphic Design at Concordia University. Self employed Graphic Designe... View more
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Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer Milwaukee, WI, United States

I have over 10 years of diverse experience in writing, editing, social media, marketing, SEO/SEM, e-commerce/brand management, and graphic design. View more
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Graphics Designer Lagos, Nigeria

Professional | Eye-Catching | Unique | Creative If you are looking for a professional, outstanding design for your business/event , you are in ... View more
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Freelance Graphic designer Toronto, ON, Canada

Services Graphic Design - Brand Identity- Logo Design -  Packaging - Labeling - Social media Creative and practical solutions to business probl... View more
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Graphic and Web Designer Toronto, ON, Canada

I have worked 5+ years professionally in the industry, doing everything from product photography, UI/UX design, photo manipulation/retouching, web/soc... View more
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Graphic designer Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Hello, Thank you for seeing my profile, really appreciate!. Well, let me introduce myself to you! I'm a graphic designer with over 4 years of exp... View more
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Graphic Designer and Director of PR Montreal, QC, Canada

. View more
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Senior GRAPHIC DESIGNER Vancouver, BC, Canada

Extensive experience in all phases of graphic development and production processes. Skilled collaborator, multitasker and problem solver who consist... View more
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Graphic Design, Multimedia Toronto, ON, Canada

Multimedia Design and Development student. Diploma in Computer Graphic Multimedia. Knowledge of Adobe and Microsoft tools. I am a responsible person a... View more
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Graphic Design Toronto, ON, Canada

I have comprehensive education in supply chain and operations management while all my experience lies in the digital marketing sector. This combinati... View more
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UI/UX Designer / Graphic Designer Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Iʼm a creative graphic designer who has worked with graphic/printing design for 10 years now. My main professional goal is to help both people and bu... View more
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Graphic Designer Edmonton, AB, Canada

I have diplomas in illustration and graphic design, and have worked three years in the industry. I worked remotely for a marketing company for ten mon... View more

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