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Graphic Designer/Creative Director Ashburn, VA, United States

I’m an experienced Graphic Designer, Art Director, Creative Director with an extensive background in large ad agencies and mid-sized design firms. T... View more
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Advertising Mumbai, India

• Ad Trafficking Campaign Manager 360 • Campaign Management DCM, Prisma, Happy Fox • Project Management Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn ... View more
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Digital Advertising/ Social Media Vancouver, BC, Canada

*Proactive and adaptable creative problem solver with excellent interpersonal, anticipatory, and strategic planning skills. *Advanced knowledge of ... View more
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Marketing and Advertising Developer Mexico City, Mexico

Work Experience AUDIOVISUAL EDITOR | INDEPENDENT BUSINESS | 2016 – 2018 Portrait and musical events professional photography. Sales of producti... View more
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Advertising SEO Specialist Toronto, ON, Canada

2Yr Diploma in Media Advertising and Marketing Communications View more
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Advertising, Marketing and Design Ottawa, ON, Canada

Recently graduated from the Advertising, PR and Marketing program at Blanquerna URL (Barcelona, Spain). I am especially interested in marketing, graph... View more
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Marketing, Advertising and PR Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have worked as an Account Executive at one of the biggest public relations agencies in Istanbul. My responsibilities included creating communicat... View more
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Marketing & Advertising Executive Toronto, ON, Canada

Advertising, Marketing Communications, Corporate Communications, Broadcast, Marketing, Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy, Strategic Planning, P... View more
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Advertising/Marketing Chicago, Il, United States

Publishing Small newspaper, sales in advertising... Data entry expert level Slogan and catchphrase creation View more
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Facebook Advertising | ChatBots Toronto, ON, Canada

2 years working with data analysis for digital marketing. Developing a digital marketing strategy. Highly Tech savvy. Always on the edge with the late... View more
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Marketing and Advertising Vancouver, BC, Canada

Professional in marketing and advertising. Trained to design, execute and evaluate: marketing plans, market research, advertising campaigns and instit... View more
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Advertising Photographer St. Albert, AB, Canada

Fully English speaking. I have been a commercial/advertising photographer for the past 10 years, based in Edmonton (Alberta) for those years and worke... View more
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Visual Designer + Advertising Bridgetown , Barbados

Few people really understand the power of persuasive design, especially when it comes to advertising campaigns, whether traditional or digital. Not on... View more
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digital marketing advertising Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

master degree in Marketing google advertising google fundamental google analytic View more
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Social Media Advertising New Delhi, India

I have done my graduation in Applied Arts, and I am doing work as a Graphic Designer since 2015. My main profile is social media advertising in which ... View more
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Advertising Agency Baku, Azerbaijan

Maxcreative is an integrated marketing agency based in Baku which is support brands growing, increases sales and make digital solutions. Its services ... View more

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