Freelance Videography: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freelance Videography?

Freelance videography is a flexible career that captures moving images on electronic and streaming media. The term Videography is often used today interchangeably with cinematography. However, historically cinematographers worked as part of a large crew while a videographer worked solo or part of a smaller crew. Freelance Videographers tend to be creative personalities who are also technically skilled with the use of electronic media. Freelance videographers are needed to record events such as weddings or concerts, documentaries, films or training videos. They are hired on a project by project basis. Corporate videographers work for companies to make training videos, record meetings or create marketing content for social media campaigns. Freelance videography is a rapidly growing career that does not necessarily require a degree. Experience can be gained through shadowing or working as an intern.

The key to becoming skilled as a Videographer, whether you’re shaping creative visuals or operating run and gun style, is just by doing it. Whether it’s for fun or work: go out and do it as much as you can and as often as you can. And when you're not on set, research, read, and most importantly watch others doing it…offer to be extra hands on a shoot; being on a diverse variety of sets and observing how others put their skills and styles to use is instrumental to your own growth.

Christina, Shooter and Producer for Comedy Central

How to find freelance Videographer?

To find the right freelance Videographer you can post a job on a freelance platform, use social media, or speak with a videography professor at a nearby university. Hiring a recent graduate or current student has many benefits. They are up to date with current trends and their rates are reasonable. If you do not have equipment, make sure to hire a candidate that will supply the equipment you need such as camera, tripod, lighting. Be sure to ask the candidate for samples of their work and talk to references.

How much does a Freelance Videographer make?

How much a Freelance Videographer makes depends upon their experience and location, the time they dedicate to their profession and who the employer is. Freelance videographers can charge by the hour, day or project. The average national hourly videographer rate in Canada in 2019 is $26.82 (Statistics Canada). The average hourly in 2018, in the United States, was $28.36; reaching $128,500 for best paid full-time videographers and $25,960 for those earning on the low scale (United States Bureau of Labor Statistics). Like other freelance career, videographers’ working hours can vary a lot. A great website to calculate wages in USA and Canada is

How much does a Freelancer videographer charge?

Freelance videographer rates vary widely dependant on experience and location, although they are standard in the production world. In Toronto Canada, the range is between $15.75 and $45 per hour, with a median of $27.18. In New York, the hourly mean is $41.55 or $86,430 per year for a full-time videographer. Freelance videographers can charge you by the hour, day rate or per project.

Tip: Don’t undersell yourself. If you’re not sure what to charge, don’t guess. Do your research. And always charge a kit fee for your gear! Christina

How much should a freelance videographer charge?

A freelance videographer should charge a rate that is in line with their experience and location. A freelance videographer’s hourly rate will vary greatly. In addition to coming up with a fair hourly rate, freelancers must also factor in travel costs, equipment wear & tear or rental costs, cost of additional crew members if needed and editing time. To find out more about rates in your city it is a good idea to look through local job postings. Once all factors are considered you can charge by the hour or project based. Be sure to cushion your project quote with padding for unexpected time.

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