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Paul London, ON, Canada

Full Stack Developer

o Front End: JavaScript, CSS, HTML o Back End: PHP, NodeJS o Framework: React, jQuery, Bootstrap o Operating System: Linux, Windows, Android o Dat...

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Davinderpal London, ON, Canada

Software Engineer

Currently in 4th year in Software Engineering program at Western University. With about 3 years of web dev experience (Professional and academic). ...

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Alona London, ON, Canada

Administrative assistant

Creative, motivated and results-oriented worker with the ability to do my job high quality. Ready to work on a result and bring new ideas to the compa...

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Dylan London, ON, Canada

Video Editor

Video/Film editor of 12 years, IT Network Administration 19+ years Live sound operation 19+ years

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Mehdi London, ON, Canada

Wordpress & CSS Ninja | Front-End

Looking for someone who can create and maintain E-stores and Websites while also being able to customize your code on the go? For many years, I hav...

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Lucas London, ON, Canada

Software Developer

Welcome. I am a software developer who works with many different tools, technologies and languages; I take interest in building efficient and useful p...

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Patrick London, ON, Canada

Experienced .Net/SQL Developer

I have a wide range of experience in .Net realm and earlier versions of Visual development such as VB6, and classic ASP. These days I develop softwa...

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Sokly London, ON, Canada

Web/Application Developer

I have 5 years of experience as a Web/Application Developer working for various agencies in London and Toronto. I am a self-starter and pride myself...

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Jamieson London, ON, Canada

An exceptional freelance front-end web designer and developer

I'm fluent in php, html, css, with expertise in stylish responsively designed wordpress websites.

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MAMATHA London, ON, Canada



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zaied London, ON, Canada

Software Developer


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Vincent London, ON, Canada

Full stack web developer

Bachelor in Information Technology Laravel (PHP) Angular JS Vue JS AWS Ec2, ElasticSearch, S3 Mysql Docker Git

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Marmik London, ON, Canada

Software Engineer

Software Engineering graduate.

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Simardeep London, ON, Canada

Digital Marketing Manager

Masters in CS

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Hassan London, ON, Canada

Full-stack .Net Developer

Throughout my career at mid-size to large corporations, I have contributed to positive business results through effective organization, prioritization...

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