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Alia San Diego, CA, United States


I have a marketing background but I am eager to make the transition into tech. I am currently teaching myself javascript and python. I am proficient i...

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Buse San Diego, CA, United States

Computer Engineering

I am a highly motivated computer engineer who is seeking a job opportunity in order to improve skills and gain work experience. I have a good grasp ov...

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Frantz San Diego, CA, United States

Rails Developer | Digital Marketing

I am a digital marketing specialist who can code. I have done work in SEO, Website analytics, Website management, web scraping, and website developmen...

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Lindsay San Diego, CA, United States

Graphic Designer

Adobe Creative Cloud, HTML, Microsoft Office, Wordpress, Print Layout, Typography, Brochures, Business Cards, Logo Design, Branding, Flyers, HubSpot, ...

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Casey San Diego, CA, United States

Web Development

I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer / Software Developer who is passionate about technology, discovery, and building things. I have an extensive background...

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Marcus San Diego, CA, United States

Web Development

I was brought on for a website redesign as Assistant Webmaster. After over 5 years of being off line, Dr. Chapél had a working version his website ba...

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Kristopher San Diego, CA, United States


I have an extensive IT background in web development and systems analysis, plus legal training (a JD) and extensive experience with research and writi...

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Stu San Diego, CA, United States

Front end developer

Frontend Developer

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Bryan San Diego, CA, United States

Web Development

Full Stack Web Developer who has a great passion for web application development with an inspired mindset. Expertise in all five stages of the web dev...

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SUJITHA San Diego, CA, United States

software developer

MS Computer Science Languages: C,C++, C#,Java Operating System: Windows, Linux,UNIX Web Development: HTML,CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS, PH...

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Todd San Diego, CA, United States

Web Researcher / Recruiter

Using a creative, innovative yet sensible approach to online research, I discover sought after information and resources that benefit client areas of ...

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Swheta San Diego, CA, United States

Java Developer, Business Analyst

I have worked as a J2EE developer and lead in Syntel and then i have worked as consultant for a start up , where my role was a business analyst plus j...

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