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Stephen Los Angeles, CA, United States

Computer Programming

Solutions driven developer with a track record of commended performance in front-end and back-end software development. Outstanding analytical, troub...

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general Los Angeles, CA, United States

Senior Web Developer

I have been building applications for over 7 years, working with huge companies, small companies, and everything in between. I have enjoyed developing...

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Andrew Los Angeles, CA, United States

Full Stack Engineer

I'm currently a full stack developer with 3+ years of experience. I am most familiar with the frameworks, Ruby on Rails, and React.js. As a developer,...

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Ronnie Los Angeles, CA, United States

Web Database Developer

I am a web technologist – Database Designer Front-End Web Developer API Integrator Web Platform Consultant

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James Los Angeles, CA, United States

C++, Mathematics, Algorithm Expert

You are trying to change the world with your business. So am I. I don't sell you my programming skills, I achieve your business goals. I love to be ...

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Jinal Los Angeles, CA, United States

iOS App Developer

I started my career as an ios application developer. I worked in india for almost 2.5 years as an ios developer. Letter i moved to USA and got work pe...

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Deason Los Angeles, CA, United States

Data Analyst

University of California, Berkeley May 2018 B...

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amit Los Angeles, CA, United States

Go and Py dev

I am a software professional and I have been in this is for 5 + years now.. I have done my undergrad and post graduate in computer science field an...

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Yash Los Angeles, CA, United States


Software Developer with a Bachelors Degree and experience in Computer Science. C, C++, C# Java PHP HTML, CSS, Javascript Python Swift AngularJS...

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Anthony Los Angeles, CA, United States

Electronic computer tech

Troublshooter system to down to component

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Luz Los Angeles, CA, United States

Software Developer

I'm a Software Engineer, graduated in 1990, I've been programming for almost 30 years, I still do independently. I'm looking for small IT projects on ...

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Chris Los Angeles, CA, United States

Software development

Developed and launched responsive websites and native mobile apps for product marketing campaigns, brand activation, retail e-learning, crowd-sourced ...

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Peng Los Angeles, CA, United States

Bubble Web Developer

I build beautiful and functional web applications using a visual programming platform, Bubble. I believe its going to be the pioneer in web developmen...

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