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Organizational Manager Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a dynamic management professional with over 15 years of experience, in various roles focused mostly in the media industry. A highly organized a... View more
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Marketer - Administrative Assistant Ottawa, ON, Canada

DIYALA ELCHAKIEH Gatineau – Quebec - Canada Email: [email protected] OVERVIEW I am a Marketing graduate, Bachelor of Commerce, bilingu... View more
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Operations Director Ottawa, ON, Canada

Certifications in Google ads Over10 years in Administration, Customer Service and Sports management with proven abilities to: • Lead organizat... View more
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Senior project Manager Ottawa, ON, Canada

NA View more
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Human Resources Professional Ottawa, ON, Canada

A senior, bilingual HR leader and trusted business advisor with a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions, achieving exceptional result... View more
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Technology Manager Ottawa, ON, Canada

I’m a technology professional, recognized for delivering quality software solutions to clients. With a focus on customer advocacy, I’m committed t... View more
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Administrative Assistant Ottawa, ON, Canada

Sahhara Leckie is an accomplished and innovative young individual with strong bilingual communications skills (in person, online, and over the phone).... View more
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Cloud Computing Ottawa, ON, Canada

Extensive Cloud Computing experience (both as a vendor providing Cloud Professional Services and as a Customer consuming Cloud Services) Senior Man... View more
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Administration, Human resource Ottawa, ON, Canada

As a recent human resource graduate with a comprehensive educational background in business administration coupled with customer service and administr... View more
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Communication Assistant Ottawa, ON, Canada

Throughout my period of study, I had the opportunity to take courses in organizational communication, new media as well as the basics of digital marke... View more
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Administrative Assistant, Bookkeepe Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have over fifteen years of experience in administration, travel, human resources and finance. I have two diplomas, one in business administration a... View more
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Project Manager Ottawa, ON, Canada

Master’s Certificate in Project Management – Carleton University The master’s certificate in project management at Carleton was an incredibl... View more
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Economics Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have a degree in economics and Statistics. I am also a certified public accountant (CPA). I have a MBA in Strategic Planning and Management and curr... View more
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Independent Business Consultant Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a seasoned independent business consultant with a proven record of providing smart solutions to small businesses that can be implemented now to h... View more
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begum Ottawa, ON, Canada

Adapt your situation View more
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Lawyer and business consultant Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a licensed lawyer with a business background. I have strong skills in communication, analytics, and business strategy. In various positions, I ha... View more

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