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Strategy and finance leader Ottawa, ON, Canada

Strategy specialist and creative problem solver with experience in forming and executing a wide range of business initiatives through greenfield, stra... View more
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Financial Planning & Analysis Mgr Ottawa, ON, Canada

• Senior finance professional with global exposure and experience in financial planning & analysis, budgeting / forecasting, research, quantitative ... View more
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IT Strategy Analyst / Communicator Ottawa, ON, Canada

Resourceful IT Strategy Analyst with a background in strategic internal communication and all aspects of office management. Always open to new challen... View more
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Strategy, Communication, & Digital Ottawa, ON, Canada

Diploma of Advertising and Marketing Communications Management View more
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Project Manager and Policy Analyst Ottawa, ON, Canada

I currently hold a Master's Degree in Political Science, specializing in Canadian Politics which has allowed for extensive knowledge within the theore... View more
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Project and Event Management Ottawa, ON, Canada

Dynamic and driven professional with a proven record of managing complex and diverse projects from concept to completion, developing business opportun... View more
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Sales and Professional Networking Ottawa, ON, Canada

Sales and professional networking professional with 28 years experience. Also experienced in social media marketing and website design/development. ... View more
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Brand ambassador Ottawa, ON, Canada

Organized,competitive ( the guy you need to get things done) Bach. Business admin Pg dip. Int. business Pg dip. Project management View more
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Lawyer and business consultant Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a licensed lawyer with a business background. I have strong skills in communication, analytics, and business strategy. In various positions, I ha... View more
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Creative professional with experience in project... Ottawa, ON, Canada

I would like to quickly analyze your issue with your business or position and give you suggestions to enhance your productivity. Restructuring, HR i... View more
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Researcher and Writer Ottawa, ON, Canada

A passionate leader who succeeds through hard work and devotion. View more
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Marketing, Branding & Social Media Ottawa, ON, Canada

. View more
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Accounting and Management Consultan Ottawa, ON, Canada

Accomplished, Management Accountant, will achieve ACMA and CGMA designations in 2020 with over 12 years experience in senior administrative and accoun... View more
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Digital Commerce And Technology Ottawa, ON, Canada

A business growth protagonist. View more
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Sales and customer service Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have worked in Hospitality, customer service and Sales for over 20 years. Strong knowledge in negotiating, sales and incentives agreements Have h... View more
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Advisor, Data and Analytics Ottawa, ON, Canada

Dynamic and driven marketing and data enthusiast with a passion for discovering relevant insights to help businesses make educated decisions. Cert... View more

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