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Jay Detroit, MI, United States

Sales and Marketing

My personality types are Disc Di (Driver), Myers-Briggs ESFP, and Enneagram 2. I tend to be results-focused and likely thrive in a fast-paced environm...

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Connor Detroit, MI, United States

Certified Public Accountant

My name is Connor Malatesta and I am a North Carolina licensed CPA. Before starting my own practice, I was an auditor for a top 20 CPA firm whose main...

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Earl Detroit, MI, United States

Digital Transformation & Admin

Yes, when looking at my resume, you will say "What"? Yes, I am someone that can bring amazing expertise, skills, and talent to your organization in an...

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Allison Detroit, MI, United States

Freelance Writer

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KEVIN Detroit, MI, United States

Social Media Manager

I have 12+ years of digital marketing, advertising, public relations, and content production experience. I've also managed social departments, teams, ...

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Thomas Detroit, MI, United States

Engineer Project Manager

Engineering, team leader that focuses on a good group environment to get the best out of people in order to achieve our goals. I always put myself sec...

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David Detroit, MI, United States

Experienced Engineering Leader

• Deep knowledge of aerospace industry through 25 + years of direct experience across a wide range of products and activities • Executive MBA tra...

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Scott Detroit, MI, United States

Employee Engagement Specialist

Dramatically improved employee turnover, developed a nationally recognized teamwork development / diversity program, and led many culture improvement ...

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Donald Detroit, MI, United States

law enforcement

Developed strong communication and team skills in working in field of law enforcement. Developed ability to make sound decisions that have led to arr...

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jessica Detroit, MI, United States

Professional SEO Writer

I am a very passionate writer with four years of experience in this field, writing for various online and print media, both here and overseas. For the...

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Michael Detroit, MI, United States

Business systems, ERP, Accounting

Business Systems analysis and implementation, process improvement, accounting services, business intelligence, performance reporting, dashboards.

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