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Senior Claims Verification Officer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Resume View more
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MBA , Experienced Project Manager Ottawa, ON, Canada

 MBA from the Telfer School of Management -University of Ottawa- with a focus in finance.  Bloomberg Core Concept Certification ... View more
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Financial Planning & Analysis Mgr Ottawa, ON, Canada

• Senior finance professional with global exposure and experience in financial planning & analysis, budgeting / forecasting, research, quantitative ... View more
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Content Creator Ottawa, ON, Canada

I'm an experienced copywriter and content creator with thousands of articles and websites completed. I have a background in finance and banking, but I... View more
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Accounting & finance Ottawa, ON, Canada

Summary -------------- - Accounting professional with over 5 years experience as a staff accountant for a mid-sized, high end accounting firm. - ... View more
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Lawyer and business consultant Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a licensed lawyer with a business background. I have strong skills in communication, analytics, and business strategy. In various positions, I ha... View more
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Aliexpress Online store Co-owner Ottawa, ON, Canada

Degree in finance, knowledge of the financial industry. Excellent Excel skills at the pivot table, regression model, etc. View more
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Financial Analysis, Market Research Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a finance professional with 4 years of accounting and finance experience. Currently, I am interviewing for some full-time positions that will ... View more
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Senior Analyst Ottawa, ON, Canada

Hh View more
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Financial Accountant Ottawa, ON, Canada

Bachelor in General Finance Master of Business management 5 years experience as fund accountant and financial analyst View more
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Research Analyst Ottawa, ON, Canada

PhD in Management Studies Master of Commerce in Financial Management Honors in Business Studies View more
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Sales Representative Ottawa, ON, Canada

Professional Skills - Mindtrust Leadership program Degree - Mathematics and Statistics Language Proficiencies - English View more
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Customer Service Ottawa, ON, Canada

New graduate student in Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) Quick learner with strong attention to detail Excellent customer service, interp... View more
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Someone who never gave up to reach their dreams. Ottawa, ON, Canada

I believe in God. I believe you can learn, grow, and achieve anything you want if you put effort and dedication into your work. View more
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Business Consultant Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am an experienced Management Consultant and have a thorough understanding of all areas of business. I have been involved in multiple companies that... View more

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