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security guard Montreal, QC, Canada

i am a great worker with a lot of ambition View more
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Security Controls Montreal, QC, Canada

Photojournalist, diploma 6 years as a professional photographer Working with youth-mentor and educator security: military, cadets, commercial, inves... View more
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Customer Service Professional Montreal, QC, Canada

Experienced Customer Service and Sales Representative with a demonstrated history of working in the security & law enforcement industry, with event pl... View more
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• Expérience dans le service à la clientèle • Solide expérience dans l’analyse et la saisie de données • Forte expérience dans les tac... View more
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Customer service Montreal, QC, Canada

I am a high school graduate with a paralegal certificate, I also have a strong deal of customer service experience. I am fluently bilangual speaking E... View more
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Facilitator Montreal, QC, Canada

I am a biochemist by profession with 5years experience in agricultural sector as a facilitator and 2years in the educational sector as a teacher. I am... View more
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Construction Project Manager Montreal, QC, Canada

Expertise in planning and executing any size of construction or renovation project from beginning to end. View more
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Experienced Teacher/Salesman Montreal, QC, Canada

I'm a people person and natural born leader. I have a passion for teaching and entertainment. When I talk people listen. I'm intelligent and creative.... View more
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Mechanical Engineer Montreal, QC, Canada

My formal education is in Mechanical Engineering, I have Bachelors from McMaster University and am 1/3 of the way through a Masters at the University ... View more
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Internationally trained dentist Montreal, QC, Canada

I am dentist from India having worked as a dental assitant for almost a year in Canada. Currently, i have cleared my NBDE exams and am in the process ... View more
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Warehouse & Logistics Montreal, QC, Canada

10+ years experience in sales, logistics, and warehouse. View more
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Customer Service Montreal, QC, Canada

Responsible and dependable professional with more than 6+ years of experience in customer service. Track record of gaining customer's confidence and ... View more
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Human Resources Montreal, QC, Canada

I would make an excellent communications representative for an organization because I understand the responsibilities required to ensure customer sati... View more
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Work Ethic Montreal, QC, Canada

Independent Sociable Good Listener Hard Worker Committed View more
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Versatile, tenacious and accountable. Montreal, QC, Canada

Varied background from 3D modeller through high school teacher to physical laborer, consistently demonstrating flexibility with a desire to perform. View more
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Personne sur qui on peu se fier de son travail.... Montreal, QC, Canada

J'ai de l'expérience dans beaucoup de domaine, restauration, gestion de dépanneur, croupier, courtier immobilier, marchandiseur, présentement je ... View more

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