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Systems Analyst & Developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have over 10 years experience in IT Systems Analysis and Software Development. I have experience developing web applications as well as working in a... View more
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Information Technology Consultant Ottawa, ON, Canada

Masters in Systems Engineering • IT Project management (business systems analysis & stakeholder coordination, ITC infrastructure, project managemen... View more
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Information Technology Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have many years working in the information Technology. I'm very analytical and consider myself a people person. I excel in situations that involve c... View more
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Data analyst Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am an electrical engineer who chose to become a ‘data analyst’ because I love working on big data in order to draw insightful stories and help s... View more
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Senior Business Analyst Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have more than 15 successful years of experience as a senior business analyst within many complex environments. As a highly motivated, organize... View more
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Business Technology Analyst Ottawa, ON, Canada

Spent 8 months as a Procurement Officer at Correctional Service of Canada where I: · Created, and managed contracts for various clients and require... View more
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Business Analyst Ottawa, ON, Canada

I bring over 20 years experience as a business analyst and project manager to clients; with experience in both the private and public sectors. I am e... View more
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Developer, Analyst, PM Ottawa, ON, Canada

IBM Certified Cognos Professional, Framework Manager, IBM Transformer, SQL expert, MySQL, Oracle, Teradata, Greenplum, Netezza, Database design, Data ... View more
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IT Analyst Ottawa, ON, Canada

Providing technical support for web applications, designing forms using Info Path, basic SQL querying, creating training manuals and articles, providi... View more
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ADM-DEVELOPER Ottawa, ON, Canada

AS A Developer i created, roll out and and intructed users on the use of the applications in french and english, created all instructional material to... View more
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Full Stack Developper Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have been working over the past 10 years in software development and project management of information systems. I am a Canadian citizen and I worke... View more
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Software engineer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Masters at the University of Windsor in electrical and computer engineering. Professional with over 3 years of experience as SAP security and GRC con... View more
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Technology Manager Ottawa, ON, Canada

I’m a technology professional, recognized for delivering quality software solutions to clients. With a focus on customer advocacy, I’m committed t... View more
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Customer Service Ottawa, ON, Canada

Highly capable result-oriented technical support specialist, with a proven track record in developing productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction... View more
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full-stack developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have got over 15 years of experience as a full-stack developer and mainly focused on the .NET framework, I have a master degree in Management of inf... View more
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Technical Support Engineer Ottawa, ON, Canada

A combination of Computer System Technician and Business Continuity Professional with more than 3 years strategic and operational experience in Busine... View more

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