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Paulina St Catherines, ON, Canada


QUALIFICATIONS : 34 years experience in the Hospitality industry as Entrepreneur, Owner/Operator, Management, Sales, Marketing, Merchandiser, PR, Ha...

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Matthew St Catherines, ON, Canada


I enjoy absorbing and creating all kinds of media, focusing mainly on videography, cinematography, and lighting. As a freelance videographer, I have h...

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Brendan St Catherines, ON, Canada

Communication and Brand Ambassador

I am a hard working, competitive, team player who has great communication skills. I have experience in many different fields from fast food to door to...

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Christina St Catherines, ON, Canada

A great research scientist

Fluent in using excel, powerpoint, microsoft word and email. I also have 5 years of experience in customer service and excellent communication skills...

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Britney St Catherines, ON, Canada

Asset manager

Additional skills: Strong Work Ethic Dependable: Can be counted on to do what you said you would do (i.e. show up for work on time, do your job duti...

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Sharon St Catherines, ON, Canada

Hairstylist by trade- passion for fragrance, skin care, cosmetics!

Have great passion for the beauty industry- fragrance, skin care, hair care, cosmetics! Like interacting and approachable with customers! Work well ...

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M St Catherines, ON, Canada

Online Marketing Guru

HTML, CSS, Exact Target, Spredfast, PHP and JavaScript

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