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Heather Ottawa, ON, Canada

Experienced retail clerk

I have knowledge of food safety procedures and guidelines, as well as over three years of work experience in a retail setting. I have been trained to ...

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Ron Ottawa, ON, Canada


I mainly have skills in the retail sales area. I worked at Home Depot for 3 years and Lowes for 1.

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Bryan Ottawa, ON, Canada

B2B Sales Professional

- Business development, prospecting, negotiating, identifying whitespace opportunities with accurate pipeline management - Client service, territory ...

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Bella Ottawa, ON, Canada

Outgoing sales & Brand Ambassador

I have had a long career based on front of the line service. My background was in Hospitality and Retail Management. Excelling in CRM and generating s...

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Orthee Ottawa, ON, Canada

Sales Executive

• Business Awareness: have proper knowledge of how a business works, industry trends, sales figures, merchandise control, product recommendation an...

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Ashwitha Ottawa, ON, Canada

cashier, sales manager

ASHWITHA RAVICHADRAN 905 – Rideau East Apartments, 170 Lees avenue, Ottawa ON K1S 5G5 11-09-2018 Dear Hiring manager, I am interested...

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Regan Ottawa, ON, Canada

Sales & Business Administration

Well experienced in business development with over 7 years of B2B sales, and multiple accounts management, I have a successful background in high-leve...

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Steve Ottawa, ON, Canada

15+ Years Accomplished Sales Leader

My career background is heavily rooted in the retail sales environment, which I firmly assert is at the forefront of customer service, relationship-bu...

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Mack Ottawa, ON, Canada

Analyst/Brand Ambassador/Sales

Former student athlete, passionate analyst, and career intrepreneur with an interest in what makes people tick.

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Lisa Ottawa, ON, Canada

Sales/customer service/development

I am mature , reliable, organized and have great attention to detail. I live fashion and beauty. I have over 20 years experience as a dental hygieni...

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Ryan Ottawa, ON, Canada

Head Sales Representative

I am extremely personable, outgoing, and approachable. I can interact easily with customers and potential clients in a manner that effectively repres...

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Mehul Ottawa, ON, Canada

Sales associate

I’ve worked in the hotel industry for 2 years. I’ve worked as a Customer sales associate.

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Sarah Ottawa, ON, Canada

Sales associate

- I'm a student finishing my Bachelor in Biomedical sciences at the University of Ottawa. - I have worked for 3 years in retail so I have a lot of ex...

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Gary Ottawa, ON, Canada

Sales and marketing professional.

I have had a 35 year career in primarily sales, professional sales in Medical, Pharmaceutical and the dental industry's, I've worked with professional...

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Candace Ottawa, ON, Canada

Customer service, sales associate

Diploma in Police Foundation Ontario real estate college diploma OTL license (other than life) I am fully licensed to sell home and auto insurance...

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Pamela Ottawa, ON, Canada

Sales Manager

Leader Coach Trilingual (French, English, Greek) 10+ years experience in sales 5+ years experience in coaching, leadership and management 10+ y...

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