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Full Stack and Mobile Developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Currently a full time student in full stack web development and mobile design and development. I have a huge passion for software development and alwa... View more
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Mobile Application Developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Mobile Application Developer with 4 years of experience and Masters in Engineering Management. View more
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iOS Developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

As Senior iOS Developer i have Over 6+ years of experience creating unique and modern applications development for iPhones and iPads in multiple langu... View more
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Full Stack Web Developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

20+ years experience, tech-savvy, hard-working, bilingual digital business builder and manager with demonstrated creative excellence and deep understa... View more
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full-stack developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have got over 15 years of experience as a full-stack developer and mainly focused on the .NET framework, I have a master degree in Management of inf... View more
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Senior Software Developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Senior Software Developer specializing in the front end and back end development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic we... View more
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Full Stack Developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Hello, I am an experienced developer currently looking for part-time telecommute opportunities. I have worked in this way with multiple companies a... View more
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Jr. Android Developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have over 1 year of experience developing mobile apps in android studio and I am currently working to complete the Associate Android Development Cer... View more
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Python Developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have a Bachelor in Computer Engineering and a Master's in Computer Science. I have experience in teaching programming languages and electronics. I w... View more
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Full Stack Developper Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have been working over the past 10 years in software development and project management of information systems. I am a Canadian citizen and I worke... View more
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Engineering student Ottawa, ON, Canada

Biomedical mechanical engineering and computing technology student. Coding skills in java, python, C, HTML. Experience developing apps on Android ... View more
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PHP/Javascript/HTML5/CSS expert Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am an integrator, I have the necessary knowledge and skill to bring any web project or idea you have to life. I am proficient in both client and ... View more
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Video Marketing & Hiring Ottawa, ON, Canada

"Great design is great complexity presented via simplicity"- I believe in staying loyal to great partnerships that produce great quality. View more
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iOS, Java, and Full Stack P.Eng. Ottawa, ON, Canada

iOS Developer, Java Developer, Full Stack, Architect, Technical Lead, Blogger. Working Remotely Since 2002 With Colleagues and Clients In Many Cou... View more
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Writing & Programming Passionately Ottawa, ON, Canada

My three greatest passions are music, technology and writing. I have been a programmer for over 20 years and music lover and writer all my life. I hav... View more

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