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Emilie Montreal, QC, Canada

Education coordination

My passion and knowledge lies in community-based practices related to education initiatives. Driven by understanding our world through critical perspe...

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Shawn Montreal, QC, Canada


I have postsecondary degrees in education, journalism and french sociolinguistics, and have also been an entrepreneur for over 8 years: My main sk...

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Eve Montreal, QC, Canada

sales, marketing, education

Self starter, creative, achieves goals/results, can adapt to any situation. The more challenging the better. Business oriented attitude, outside the...

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Alyshia Montreal, QC, Canada

Educational Studies Masters Student at Concordia University

My name is Alyshia Turchyn, I am an enthusiastic and driven individual with in depth experience of working closely with both adults and children. Thro...

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Marcela Montreal, QC, Canada

Éducation, animation et traduction

Éducatrice scientique Biologiste moléculaire et cellulaire Biochimiste Connaissances et maîtrise de techniques de laboratoire moléculaire Éla...

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jessica Montreal, QC, Canada


* Organize and prepare stimulant lesson plans * Efficient in communication, written and verbal (English, French) * Strong level of accountability an...

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Lucy Montreal, QC, Canada

Musician and music education

I am a graduate of McGill University's Schulich School of Music, with a Bachelor's in Music: Orchestral performance, with minors in economics and musi...

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leah Montreal, QC, Canada

customer service and education

i am very reliable i have experience in customer service as well as education i have my degree in early child hood education. I am hard working, hones...

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Abraham Montreal, QC, Canada

Business Development, Education Consultant

Have worked internationally most of my career, strong interpersonal skills, am skilled working with people of different cultures and backgrounds, am a...

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Alireza Montreal, QC, Canada

Online teaching

I'm a PhD student in mechanical engineering. I'm a good teacher with plenty of experience in online tutoring. IBT TOEFL score of 115 (30/30 Reading...

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Neeraj Montreal, QC, Canada

Teaching assistant

More than four years of university level experience in design and simulation of machine elements using MATLAB and SolidWorks.  Experienced leader...

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Shanae Montreal, QC, Canada

Teaching/Research Assistant

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications & Religion and Culture from the University of Winnipeg. I am in the process ...

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Minh Anh Montreal, QC, Canada

Tutor and Teaching Assistant

To describe myself, I would say I am an adaptor. I am flexible with new environments and can adapt to people and tasks quickly as I am eager to learn ...

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Miina Montreal, QC, Canada

Language teaching

I am an undergraduate student at McGill University studying Economics with minor concentrations in Mathematics and Geography. I have excellent written...

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Ghazal Montreal, QC, Canada

Teaching English

I am a master student in educational studies, I have been teaching English for 10 years.I would describe myself as being persistent, patient, responsi...

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Mona Lisa Montreal, QC, Canada

Research teaching, writing, sales

As a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, I have +5 years of solid experience working as a basic science researcher and psychology educator at McGill Un...

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