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Experienced technical writer/editor St Johns, NL, Canada

I am a versatile, driven, adaptable, and engaged individual with extensive experience in technical writing, editing, training, and publishing in the h... View more
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Consultant, technical writing St Johns, NL, Canada

I have a background in chemical engineering; however I enjoy writing- both technical and creative. My work experience is broad and has allowed me to d... View more
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Writer/Editor/Copyrwriter St Johns, NL, Canada

I’m a 48 year old media producer with 25 years experience across a broad range of topics. I live in the small town of Witless Bay - yes really - N... View more
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Content creator; Report Writer; St Johns, NL, Canada

I am an experienced business development professional with more than 10 years hands on experience. I have performed data gathering, entry and analysis... View more
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Creative Writer, SEO Expert St Johns, NL, Canada

Confident, Creative Writer who is seeking opportunities that require: • An adaptable team player who works well independently • Proficient in re... View more
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Professional Writer St Johns, NL, Canada

I have a Bachelor of Arts (English + Law & Society, double Major), a Certificate in Criminology, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing.... View more
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Editor, writer, tutor St Johns, NL, Canada

professional editing and writing View more
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SQL Developer St Johns, NL, Canada

I'm currently a Computer Engineering grad student at School of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University Of Newfoundland. An upcoming grad ... View more
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Academic researcher St Johns, NL, Canada

I have expertise in areas relating to biology, specifically fisheries science and data analysis. I also have publlished material in academic journ... View more

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