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Project Management Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am an influential and forward-thinking professional, with a track record of success directing teams and resources behind complex programs and initia... View more
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Statistician and Bioinformatician Ottawa, ON, Canada

Experience with demonstrated skills in statistics, bioinformatics, and computational biology. Programming skill in R, Perl, python including wet lab s... View more
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Recruiter/ Technical recruiter Ottawa, ON, Canada

Professional Skills- Recruitment, Customer Service Relations, MS Excel, Tableau, Power point Presentation, Administration work. Degrees- Master... View more
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Business consulting, marketing, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Communications: Presidency, coaching, hunting sales mentality, public speaking, networking customer service and trade show presenter Marketing: Cre... View more
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Project Manager Ottawa, ON, Canada

Over 15 years of experience in Project & Program management, Scrum and Waterfall in IT and Telecom • Proven skills in digital transformation, digi... View more
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Translator, Blog writer, Article Ottawa, ON, Canada

Live in Canada to study Biomedical Sciences. In Turkey I studied Molecular Biology and Genetics for a year and dropped off to study in Canada. I lived... View more
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Tutor Ottawa, ON, Canada

Graduated in History at Concordia University also graduated in the Law Clerk Intensive program at Algonquin college. Skills: - Efficient working w... View more
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early childhood educator Ottawa, ON, Canada

I graduated from Early Chilldhood Education in 2013 from Algonquin College I am a member of the College of ECE's I have been working with the Public... View more
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Business Operations Specialist Ottawa, ON, Canada

Specialties in creating systems, operational efficiencies, program development. Great with mergers & acquisitions, business operations, analysis, ba... View more
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Brand Ambassador Ottawa, ON, Canada

I’m an aspiring model. I’ve been on the news recently for various shoots, I was a featured model for a new website that just launched and I have v... View more
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HR professional turned Teacher Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a former HR professional turned Teacher. I love to teach but unfortunately have had to cut down to part-time for personal reasons. I have 20 year... View more
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Lecturer/Content Writer Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a relevant experience in teaching and training Psychology. I have also worked as a freelance conten... View more
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Research Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am currently a doctoral/Ph.D. student, who has acquired an excellent grip on scientific research, experiment design, data entry, data processing usi... View more
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Customer service Ottawa, ON, Canada

Many years of customer service both in person and within a call center. Certified aesthetician, Licensed security guard ( Ontario) Service dog traine... View more
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Digital Marketing Specialist Ottawa, ON, Canada

Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Digita... View more
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Analysis Ottawa, ON, Canada

Making professional decisions in a fast-paced environment by creating and maintain good relationships with vendors/suppliers, customers, departments. ... View more

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