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Nicola Edmonton, AB, Canada

Kinesiologist Bachelor of kinesiology recently finished, majored in sports performance. History of coaching and currently a physiotherapist aide. View more
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Elizabeth Edmonton, AB, Canada

Educator I currently hold a Bachelor of Education and am working toward a Master degree in Distance Education. I am a Google Certified Educator Level 2 and hav... View more
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Nadine Edmonton, AB, Canada

Project Management Just Try It! Look at the situation, decide on your first step, then leverage what you just learned, to jump floors. In my profession, we're depend... View more
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Teena Edmonton, AB, Canada

Communicator/Writer/Administrator I am an experienced, effective and efficient communicator with a diverse range of paid and voluntary experience in senior administrative and manageria... View more
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Aviad Edmonton, AB, Canada

Research scientist Innovative and multi-faceted professional with 6+ years of experience leading and managing multidisciplinary scientific research projects, plus extens... View more
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Ha Edmonton, AB, Canada

Food scientist • Ten years of experience in food sensory and consumer research by strongly involving in more than 15 projects specific to more than 10 different c... View more
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Brooke Edmonton, AB, Canada

Assistant I am professional, hard working, detail oriented and have excellent communication skills. I am fluent in English and intermediate in French. View more
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Divya Edmonton, AB, Canada

Project Manager/Solution Architect • Technical Expertise: Over 11 years of experience including 4 years as Solution Architect and 5 years in architecture leadership role specializing ... View more
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PRASHANTHI Edmonton, AB, Canada

Research Associate Highly focused and analytical research professional with a strong background in carrying scientific research, teaching, and reviewing projects. Commit... View more
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Robert Edmonton, AB, Canada

Service Desk Analyst Experience servicing POS systems, and worked for many years as a Desktop Service Analyst supporting over a thousand users in one company and over 500 ... View more
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Justin Edmonton, AB, Canada

Design Engineer Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering 2016 Certified Engineer in Training 2016 - Present Seeking to use over 3 years of professional experi... View more
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Silvia Edmonton, AB, Canada

Child Care fast learner, english and spanish speaking View more
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Jessica Edmonton, AB, Canada

Community Disability Services I have 10+ years as a Community Disability Services Practitioner for a non-profit working to support adults with unique life challenges. I am certifie... View more
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Grace Edmonton, AB, Canada

Coordinator A Mechanical and Energy Engineering background with a demonstrated expertise in Coordination, Design, Optimization, Estimator, Customer service, Produ... View more