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Sang Kweon Montreal, QC, Canada

Economics, Korean View more
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Michel Montreal, QC, Canada

Instructor I graduated with a Masters in History from the University of Chicago. Prior to this, I did research at the University of Tokyo, and completed my bache... View more
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Sulah Montreal, QC, Canada

Graphic Designer Obtaining 4 years of education in bachelor in Environmental Design in Faculty of Architecture. Experience working in architectural competitions and bu... View more
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Hyun Sung Montreal, QC, Canada

Experienced translator I am a native Korean and I have studied English in Canada for 7 years. Therefore I am fluent in both Korean and English and I have had experience tran... View more
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Grace Montreal, QC, Canada

Student I am an enthusiastic individual that is willing to learn tasks and complete them efficiently. I love interacting with both strangers and teammates, an... View more
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Jin Sung Montreal, QC, Canada

MSc candidate hello View more
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Kuwook Montreal, QC, Canada

Computational Neurobiologist Academic records in psychology (BA) and neuroscience (PHD, McGill University) Industry experience in software development and UX Expertise in machi... View more
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Jungwon Montreal, QC, Canada

Administrative Assistant ▪ Over eight years’ experience in administrative positions; three years in Québec ▪ Language Competency: English, French, Korean, Japanese ... View more
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Sumin Montreal, QC, Canada

English teacher I studied a bachelor degree of English Language and English Literature in Hanbat National University in South Korea. My English and Korean communica... View more
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Mitchelle Montreal, QC, Canada

View more
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Doojin Montreal, QC, Canada

Boutcher chef assistant I have experience working at Metro IGA and other supermarket beside when I was in my country I worked sushi buffet ,italian restaurant as chef assist... View more
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Boram Montreal, QC, Canada

Post-doctoral Researcher May 2015–Current: Postdoctoral Fellow, ​Sex Difference in Pain Immunology, McGill University ○ Written a published pain immunology review artic... View more
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Emily Montreal, QC, Canada

Translation View more
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Christopher Montreal, QC, Canada

University Student I'm a very efficient and logical worker who can perform given tasks very quickly. View more