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merchandising, purchasing, administrative... Ottawa, ON, Canada

Skilled in working independently and as an enthuaiastic team player Highly organized and friendly professional, able to establish long-term positive... View more
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Administrative and clients support Ottawa, ON, Canada

An accomplished Team Player with over 10+ years of relevant work experience in Administrative Support, Marketing Analyst, Client Support, Data Analyst... View more
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general administration, logistics Ottawa, ON, Canada

ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT  Manage the delivery and return of employees' laptops and any other devices requiring on projects  Responsible for open... View more
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Executive Assistant Ottawa, ON, Canada

A trustworthy and reliable person accustomed to working in environments of an accelerated pace supporting numerous senior leaders. View more
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Proposal Coordinator Ottawa, ON, Canada

I maintain Government of Canada Top Secret and Secret level clearances which grants me access to confidential Government, corporate and personal infor... View more
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Outgoing sales & Brand Ambassador Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have had a long career based on front of the line service. My background was in Hospitality and Retail Management. Excelling in CRM and generating s... View more
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Government employee Ottawa, ON, Canada

French English Legal technician Legal Assistant View more
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Office Administrator Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am available to provide administrative assistance. My skill set includes entrepreneurship, office management and administration. I am proficient i... View more
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Experienced Admin Assistant Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have diplomas from Algonquin College for Legal/Executive Office Administration programs, which I used throughout my 13+ years as a legal assistant/l... View more
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Administrative Assistant Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have worked in office administration for five years, latest being at Scotiabank where my title is Accounting Offficer. I have also worked in social ... View more
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Interior Designer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Description I am an Interior Designer that has been able to work on international projects and learn and grow as a professional from traveling around... View more
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Grant Writing Professional Ottawa, ON, Canada

Professional Freelancer - Writing, Research, RFP/Grants, Project Management, Business Consultation, Organization, Marketing, Fundraising, Administrati... View more
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HR Administrator & Engineer Ottawa, ON, Canada

A professional Administrator and Organization Leader who is dynamic, results driven with multiple years of working in the Technological and Business f... View more
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Administrative and Business Support Ottawa, ON, Canada

Senior assistant and administrative professional with 17+ years progressive experience providing executive level support, project management and event... View more
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Office administrator Ottawa, ON, Canada

SUMMARY OF PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: - Member of the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) - Knowledge of the Canadian health care system, including ... View more
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Human Resources Professional Ottawa, ON, Canada

Experienced human resources professional with excellent customer focused, compensation management and project management skills. Action-oriented with ... View more

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