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Raymond Montreal, QC, Canada

Excellence in planning your Inventory Management and Purchasing departments.

I am honest, loyal and very reliable.

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Nolan Montreal, QC, Canada

Purchasing and Operations Manager

Results-oriented professional with experience and demonstrated achievements in project management, technical design, procurement, staff management and...

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Michael Montreal, QC, Canada

Purchasing Manager

Summary Quality-focused Purchasing Manager familiar with vendor sourcing and selection, contract negotiation, cost-efficiency and effectively address...

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Kendra Montreal, QC, Canada

Purchasing and Logistics Supervisor

● Grasps new concepts and procedures quickly and efficiently ● 5 years of International buying experience working directly with China ● Pro...

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Evgeny Montreal, QC, Canada

logistics / purchasing

My multiyear experience incorporates both business administration including Purchasing / Logistics jobs and account management within industrial & dis...

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Sidney Montreal, QC, Canada

The most proficient and penny pinching purchasing manager

4 Languages, Computer Savvy and Business Oriented

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Lutfy Montreal, QC, Canada

Logistics Manager/ Purchasing Analyst

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills acquired by living in different countries • Ability to multi-task and work in fast paced environ...

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Rafael Montreal, QC, Canada

Inventory Manager

Experienced at Supply Chain (Logistics, Inventory/Materials management) on large structure company. Direct and Indirect inventories management, fo...

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Shameer Montreal, QC, Canada

Auto Parts & Inventory Specialist

Customer Service Expertise in Auto parts. +14 years working directly with consumers at the retail & wholesale level contracts. -Good communication...

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Cynthia Montreal, QC, Canada

budget, buy, sales, inventory

In the exercise of my duties, I quickly learned the complexity of the company and its operations to respond effectively to their needs; besides, I ha...

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Philip Montreal, QC, Canada

sales and Inventory control

Team player with lots of work experience, ready to meet company expactations and set the bar high to acheive sucsess

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Laura Montreal, QC, Canada

Cost Accountant, Financial Analyst, Senior Accountant, Operations Assistant, Inventory Management

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Hand-on expertise in manufacturing industries, trading/distribution business and retail business. Superior analytical skills wit...

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Samer Hussein Montreal, QC, Canada

Eager-to-learn Accountant

23 years old accountant with 2 years of experience in numerous accounting and administrative tasks, such as bookkeeping, data entry, tax return, inven...

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Carolina Montreal, QC, Canada

Logistics, Customer Service

I am graduated from LaSalle College in International Commerce Import/ Export, also have a FITT (Forum for International Trade Training) Diploma and a...

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Raksha Montreal, QC, Canada

Industrial engineer

After having completed my Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering and Management in year 2019, I am currently pursuing my Masters in Industrial Engineeri...

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Muneer Montreal, QC, Canada

Managing Director/General Manager

Canadian Managing Director with International business experience in Botswana and South Africa. While my love for travel has taken me around the world...

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