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customer service Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a very organized and meticulous individual with multiple experiences in management and people interaction, which i earned in my various voluntee... View more
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Knowledge developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Lorie is a bilingual social worker with a diverse background in research, trauma intervention, psychotherapy, workshop facilitation, and teaching at t... View more
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Medical Writer, Researcher Ottawa, ON, Canada

4 years Medical Experience, Research and Creative Writing; View more
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Counselor Ottawa, ON, Canada

Professional skills and experience: - Individual and Group Counselling - Teaching English as a foreign language - Psychometric testing and report w... View more
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Courtroom clerk and administrative Ottawa, ON, Canada

Summary of qualifications • Certified Health and Life Coach • Geophysics and Forestry diploma • 10 years of experience in the court ... View more
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Translator, Blog writer, Article Ottawa, ON, Canada

Live in Canada to study Biomedical Sciences. In Turkey I studied Molecular Biology and Genetics for a year and dropped off to study in Canada. I lived... View more
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BA, face painting, Psych student Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a 4th year student in Psychology at the university of Ottawa. I have experience in promotions, data collection, food and alcohol sampling, face p... View more
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Formal document writer Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am an Undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Biology and Psychology. I have several years of experience meeting strict deadlines, managing time ... View more
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Communication Ottawa, ON, Canada

- Successfully coordinate and lead team meetings to brainstorm and plan programming - Successfully handle budgeting and contract negotiation matters ... View more

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