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Craig Montreal, QC, Canada


I hold a bachelors degree in Psychology and have over eight years experience in customer service (as a waiter). I speak English and French.

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Dave Montreal, QC, Canada

Fitness, sports, psychology

Baccalauréat Psy. Certified personel trainer,

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Gilles Montreal, QC, Canada

Massage therapy

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Enrica Montreal, QC, Canada

Executive assistant

Experience Executive Assistant graduated in Languages and Literatures. Certified counseling practitioner currently specializing in NLP (Neuro-Lingui...

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Ayman Montreal, QC, Canada


Organized the shelves in the store Merchandising duties Interaction with different customers I have work experience in India Shose store

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Stephanie Montreal, QC, Canada

Intervention psychosociale

DEC en Techniques de Travail Social Baccalauréat es science (Majeure en criminologie/certificat en psychologie) Diplôme d'Études Supérieures en ...

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Charles Montreal, QC, Canada


Experienced Ph.D. scientist looking for a new challenge. Proficient in both English and French.

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Aoife Montreal, QC, Canada

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist trained in Swedish Massage, Shiatsu and Fasciatherapy at Kine-Concept and Guijek. Also a university student in Middle East studies a...

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Jennifer Montreal, QC, Canada


Summary: Clinical: 10 years experience working as a social worker and counsellor in a hospital setting. 5 years experience working as a therapist i...

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Otto epse Tagne Montreal, QC, Canada

RCR et PDSB Certificat d aide éducatrice Benevola dans une boutique de fripperie

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Malika Montreal, QC, Canada

Social media manager

I have a degree in sociology with a concentration of community, family and health. I am fluent in both French and English. Recently, I completed a de...

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Aaron Montreal, QC, Canada

Consultant and Coach

Productivity Consultant and Transformational Coach. Specialization in Procrastination, Motivation, Clarity of Purpose and Self-Actualization. Avai...

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Peter Montreal, QC, Canada

Research Assistant

- Degree from Prep School in Connecticut. - Soon have to psychology degree with honours from Bishop's University. - Played basketball for 13 years. ...

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Kevin Montreal, QC, Canada

Artistic Director

Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and Development Concordia University ❖ Internship position working to empower impoverished communities; ❖ Profess...

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Amina Montreal, QC, Canada

Research Assistant

Trilingual (English, Swahili, French), SPSS, Excel, Qualtrics, event planning, data collection/analysis

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giuseppina Montreal, QC, Canada


I have a BA Honors in criminology and Masters in Science from University of Calgary in Forensic DNA specialization program

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