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Freight Forwarding, International Cargo, Ocean... Montreal, QC, Canada

Agile and revenue-oriented bilingual international forwarding team member, manager; CIFFA-certified; efficiency- and detail-oriented; advanced comput... View more
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Procurement Specialist Montreal, QC, Canada

It is a pleasure to connect with you. Today I am sending my CV to be evaluated as a Senior Sourcing Agent. This Company is the right organization ... View more
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Accountant Montreal, QC, Canada

I have a bachelors degree in computer science and a diploma in Accounting . I have over 12 years of experience in the Supply chain management and 1... View more
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Very hard working virtual assistant at your disposal any day . Detail oriented and self employed. I am currently a self employed remote transport dis... View more
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Sales Montreal, QC, Canada

I have worked primarily in Sales and Customer Service. I am certified in many IT platforms like Veeam VMWare, Adobe, Microsoft and Cisco. I have st... View more
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Customer Service / Operations Montreal, QC, Canada

- Completed C.I.F.F.A. (Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association) Levels 1 & 2 at Concordia University. - Team Leader on the Pratt & Whi... View more
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Customer Service / Logistics Montreal, QC, Canada

Good listener, good communicator, personable and honest. C.I.F.F.A. (Canadian International Freight Forwarder's Association) Diploma at Concordia Uni... View more
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Operations & Warehouse Manager Montreal, QC, Canada

With 40 years of experience in the importing and clothing business. I have amassed the knowledge, contacts and experience to handle manufacturing, imp... View more
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Customer Service Montreal, QC, Canada

PROFESSIONAL AND TECHNICAL SKILLS: • Positive, Dynamic, Good Listener, Hardworking, Honest, Organize, Result and Detailed Oriented, Well Managing C... View more
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Supply chain specialist Montreal, QC, Canada

Proven results in procurement and supply chain management. I enjoy working with people, versatile, and interested in learning. View more
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Multitasker Montreal, QC, Canada

- Leadership - People management - Problem-solving - Strategic thinking - Motivation - Self-confidence - Multi-tasking - Communication - Open... View more
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Administrative assistant Montreal, QC, Canada

Bonjour, Je procède une formation. Comme technicienne juridique, j'ai a mon actif une expérience de 6 ans comme technicienne administrative- juridi... View more
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Customer service and logistics mgt Montreal, QC, Canada

Looking for new challenges is what defines me. I have recently relocated to Montreal in order to challenge myself to stretch and grow. I have multi d... View more
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Transport Operations Montreal, QC, Canada

Strong background in Transportation. Hard-working team player with great communication skills and a perfect attendance record. Computer skills inc... View more
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Tourism Montreal, QC, Canada

BAC in Tourism and Event at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal) BAC in Logistic at UQTR (Université du Québec à Trois Rivières) I used ... View more
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Webmaster Montreal, QC, Canada

je suis titulaire d'une licence en programmation informatique View more

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