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Bruce Montreal, QC, Canada

Freight Forwarding, International Cargo, Ocean freight

Agile and revenue-oriented bilingual international forwarding team member, manager; CIFFA-certified; efficiency- and detail-oriented; advanced comput...

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LORRAINE Montreal, QC, Canada


Very hard working virtual assistant at your disposal any day . Detail oriented and self employed. I am currently a self employed remote transport dis...

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Jereme Montreal, QC, Canada

Customer Service / Operations

- Completed C.I.F.F.A. (Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association) Levels 1 & 2 at Concordia University. - Team Leader on the Pratt & Whi...

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Jereme Montreal, QC, Canada

Customer Service / Logistics

Good listener, good communicator, personable and honest. C.I.F.F.A. (Canadian International Freight Forwarder's Association) Diploma at Concordia Uni...

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GARY Montreal, QC, Canada

Operations & Warehouse Manager

With 40 years of experience in the importing and clothing business. I have amassed the knowledge, contacts and experience to handle manufacturing, imp...

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Mohammad Montreal, QC, Canada

Customer Service

PROFESSIONAL AND TECHNICAL SKILLS: • Positive, Dynamic, Good Listener, Hardworking, Honest, Organize, Result and Detailed Oriented, Well Managing C...

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Alireza Montreal, QC, Canada

Supply chain specialist

Proven results in procurement and supply chain management. I enjoy working with people, versatile, and interested in learning.

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Jazz Montreal, QC, Canada


- Leadership - People management - Problem-solving - Strategic thinking - Motivation - Self-confidence - Multi-tasking - Communication - Open...

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Nabila Montreal, QC, Canada

Administrative assistant

Bonjour, Je procède une formation. Comme technicienne juridique, j'ai a mon actif une expérience de 6 ans comme technicienne administrative- juridi...

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Heitor Montreal, QC, Canada

Customer service and logistics mgt

Looking for new challenges is what defines me. I have recently relocated to Montreal in order to challenge myself to stretch and grow. I have multi d...

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Darlene Montreal, QC, Canada

Transport Operations

Strong background in Transportation. Hard-working team player with great communication skills and a perfect attendance record. Computer skills inc...

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Natacha Montreal, QC, Canada


BAC in Tourism and Event at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal) BAC in Logistic at UQTR (Université du Québec à Trois Rivières) I used ...

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Luciano Montreal, QC, Canada


je suis titulaire d'une licence en programmation informatique

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Nancy Montreal, QC, Canada

Administrative & accounting assist

I am fluent in English, Spanish and French. I have many years of experience in customer service, administrative work, logistics and assisting the acco...

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Mario Montreal, QC, Canada

Supply chain

I have been working in supply chain Field for the last 11 years in different areas and positions. For a very long time i have been working with inte...

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Joe Montreal, QC, Canada

Production Coordinator/Manager- TV

Over 15 years in the film and tv industry working as a Production person responsible for tracking budgets, hiring and managing crews, accounts receiva...

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Joanna Montreal, QC, Canada

Administrative, legal.

I am perfectly adaptable to any given filed of work. I open and always willing to learn new ideas. I am skilled in the Legal field ...

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Emma Montreal, QC, Canada

Versatile Multitasker

Hi I am considered a multi-passionate person, always on the look­out for self-improvement. Quick and curious to learn, ambitious and very organized...

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Luciano Montreal, QC, Canada

Supply chain management professiona

Supply Chain Professional with over 10 years of experience in Inventory and Warehouse Management; Planning & Forecasting; Strategic Sourcing and Procu...

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LORRAINE Montreal, QC, Canada


I will work seven days a week 24 hours a day if necessary to complete the given task. I am self motivated, hard working and very dedicated. Logistics...

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Maria Montreal, QC, Canada

Writer, Customer Service, Sales

Several years of experience in customer service, sales, retail management, visual merchandising, freight forwarding/logistics. Always a moonlighter, ...

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Marie-Noëlle Montreal, QC, Canada

office work

Although I can be a good team player, I am much more effective when I work independently. I am very focused and organized and my creativity helps me t...

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Nadia Montreal, QC, Canada

Reliable and strong worker

McGill graduate. I have acquired so much experience in many different areas through my years of working and studying. I am looking for challenging op...

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Ariann Montreal, QC, Canada

étudiante en communication

réalisation de vidéos promotionnels : Final cut pro, maitrise caméra canon 5D mark III et 7D, compressor, Avid, photoshop.

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Maria Jimena Montreal, QC, Canada


Internet, word, excel , simply accounting, outlook

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Pearl Montreal, QC, Canada


As you will see from my resume I have several years of office experience, and I am very versatile. I am looking for something part-time somewhere be...

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Céline Montreal, QC, Canada


Grande et belle expérience en comptabilité pour : - Chartwell Reit, Mississauga (Réf. M. Clifford Reid, contrôleur) - Chartwell...

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Patrizia Montreal, QC, Canada

Accounting Clerk/Bookkeeper: Contractual, Part-Time and /or Casual Positions.

Sixteen years of professional experience in the accounting field. Languages spoken are; English, French and Italian. I am recognized as a professio...

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PAULETTE Montreal, QC, Canada

Independent Consultant-Bookkeeper-Auditor

I am very reliable and honest. I will always have the best interest of my client. I am willing and eager to learn and very adaptable.

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Hanna Montreal, QC, Canada

International accounts management expert

Very flexible and versatile. I have 3 years of teaching experience (2 semesters at university level). Excellent at sourcing both clients and supplier...

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STEVEN Montreal, QC, Canada

Business consultant

HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS Strong detailed attention through hands-on management and supervisory skills in Sales, Accounting and Payroll Very...

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Nivin Montreal, QC, Canada


Throughout my career, I have established myself as an exceptionally successful and effective accounting professional. My deep understanding of account...

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Zakarya Montreal, QC, Canada

Supply Chain / Logistics

Experience in Excel ( Educational) Experience in several Projects ( Educational) Problem Solver Logical Thinking

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Marie Montreal, QC, Canada

Accounting Student

Photoshop Flash Acomba

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Jennifer Montreal, QC, Canada


Direct marketing certificate Attended inventory management seminar Knowledge of microsoft office

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Florian Montreal, QC, Canada


I have more than 11 years of experience in heavy industry, oil & gas and maritime/marine operations. I have worked as an Electrical Engineer, Proces...

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Harsimran Montreal, QC, Canada

Supply Chain Analyst

Accounting and Supply chain management Operations.

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Laura Montreal, QC, Canada

Customer Service representative

SKILLS *Communication/Interpersonal *Organizational *Conflict resolution • Time Management
• Client Database Management • Leadership • B2C...

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Alex Montreal, QC, Canada


I have 2 years of experience working at Revenue Moldova as Income Tax Auditor performing various financial analyses on the companies and provide cor...

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Pierre Montreal, QC, Canada

logistics and warehousing

To secure a challenging position in a reputable organization to expand my learning, knowledge, and skills. Utilizing my 20 plus years’ experience o...

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Leo Montreal, QC, Canada


I have been a buyer for many years now, bought all types of products, metal electrical chemicals services good at sourcing and good supplier relation...

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jose Montreal, QC, Canada


Hello, my name is Jose Alejandro Cotes, I am 29 years old, I hold a bachelor degree in accounting and I am currently enrolled in translation at Conco...

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Pascal Montreal, QC, Canada

Convenance Agent

I just finished my Senior year student in the Accounting program at the University of Ottawa. I acquired my first professional experience in Business ...

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Sabrina Montreal, QC, Canada

Educator -Historian -Researcher

Teaching degree Organized Bilingual Computer Savy Fast Learner

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Sammy Montreal, QC, Canada


I have multiple years of experience in customer service and administration from a variety of industries; ranging from call centres to manufacturing fa...

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Tulay Montreal, QC, Canada

Real estate

I am a quick learner and solution oriented person. I value professionalism and good work . I am bilingual . I also value life long learning as a ...

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Din Montreal, QC, Canada

Supply Chain Management, Logistics

A high level executive mastering various areas such as management, logistics, operations, sales, procurement, multi-modal transports and human resourc...

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Anthony Montreal, QC, Canada

Logistics/customer service

Worked as head shipper, experienced with exportation, invoicing, filling. Valid forklift liscence. Currently working as a project coordinator.

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RAMI Montreal, QC, Canada

Procurement specialist

Professional skills • Key account management • Cost control, pricing • Personal protective equipment • Reporting, Inventory and suppl...

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Evgeny Montreal, QC, Canada

logistics / purchasing

My multiyear experience incorporates both business administration including Purchasing / Logistics jobs and account management within industrial & dis...

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YAUSHAN Montreal, QC, Canada


Bonjour, Je vous écris pour postuler à ce poste. Vous trouverez en pièce jointe mon CV et ci-dessous ma lettre de motivation. Les principales...

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AISSA SHANE Montreal, QC, Canada

Administrative, Logistics

• Computer literate: well versed in Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft word, Power Point Presentation, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Paint, Google docs, Spread...

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Karl Montreal, QC, Canada

Logistics Coordinator

Over fifteen years experience in handling int'l logistics via air. & ocean , rate & service negotiation documentation(export declaration, bl instructi...

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Cynthia Montreal, QC, Canada

Logistics Coordinator

I am a happy and genuine person I learn extremely quickly and I am not afraid of a challenge. For the moment, looking for part-time 3 days per week...

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Yue Montreal, QC, Canada

Customer Relationship Administrator

I have a huge interest in human relations and love the idea of being able to support someone from a remote position. Currently I work in client relati...

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Anastasia Montreal, QC, Canada

Office management

I am goal oriented, adaptible and work well under pressure

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Clodia Montreal, QC, Canada

Logistics agent - Customer service

I am a very organized and devoted worker. I'm perfectly bilingual in French / English and my grammar is proficient in both. I have extensive experien...

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Ketan Montreal, QC, Canada


I am passionate Mechanical engineer and currently pursuing master’s degree in Industrial Engineering I have 3 years of industrial experience in ma...

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Lora Montreal, QC, Canada

Administrative / Accounting Clerk

Bachelor of Commerce Concordia University, Montréal, QC D.E.C. Business Administration      Dawson College, Montréal, QC Fl...

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Maria Jose Montreal, QC, Canada

Administrative Jobs

I have experience working in the Administrative Area of a Company, especially in the area of Foreign Trade. Also, I have University studies in the are...

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Magid Montreal, QC, Canada

Coordinateur logistique internation

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Alexander Montreal, QC, Canada

Credit controller

LANGUES PARLÉES ET ÉCRITES Français, anglais et espagnol EXPÉRIENCE DE TRAVAIL: +15 expérience en service à la clientèle, recouvrement,...

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Alexandre Montreal, QC, Canada

Transportation Management

Transportation management skills. lean and continuous improvement skills. French and English, written and spoken. Health sciences degree college. Gree...

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Eva Montreal, QC, Canada


CV upon request

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Monique Montreal, QC, Canada

Conseillere en location

J'ai de l'expérience dans le domaine de la vente depuis 30 ans comme représentante et j'ai acquis depuis 3 ans location d'appartement pour personnes...

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Sabra Montreal, QC, Canada

Project Manager

Nine years project management experience. Proficient communicator. BA Sociology and BA Psychology.

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DORKYS Montreal, QC, Canada


J'ai connaisse Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, je parle français, anglais et espagnol, et je suis capable de travailler sous pression, de mainten...

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Noa Montreal, QC, Canada

Étudiante à l'Université

Persévérante, communicative, leader et curieuse sont des traits de ma personne qui savent bien me décrire. À la recherche du meilleur travail pos...

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Holly Montreal, QC, Canada

Punctual and can multitask

Punctual, responsible, trustworthy and great in computers.

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Adriana Montreal, QC, Canada

customer service, administration

I feel I would be an excellent candidate because I possess the skills and assets required to complete the daily tasks successfully and in a timely man...

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imane Montreal, QC, Canada


I am a bilingual professional with HR background now looking for a HR or administrative job for career transition.

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Junko Montreal, QC, Canada

Administrative Assistant Import Coordinator

Proactive, highly skilled administration professional with ten years’ hands-on experience in diverse office environments. Experienced communicator ...

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sue Montreal, QC, Canada

Customer service

i am great with people,passionate,kind,helpful ,confident, trustworthy ,understanding and great with communicating my ideas and finding a common inter...

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Avraham Montreal, QC, Canada

Supervisor in a company

Im very good in working in with other people and able to supervise and do work of any kind at very good speed with pressure and without

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Vanessa Montreal, QC, Canada


Hi, I am a team player love working with others however I am also able to work without supervision, extremely organized and self sufficient. I catch...

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Esther Montreal, QC, Canada

Daycare assistant/sales rep

I am a friendly moticated by challenges individual that enjoys working in a friendly environment. Driven by results, i am satisfied when the job is d...

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Sena Montreal, QC, Canada


I'm goal oriented and organized person who has strong skills and experience supply chain management ( inventory, buying, sales, transport, customs, d...

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Catherine Montreal, QC, Canada

Excellent Admin

Administrative creative autonomous data entry logistics

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Filippo Montreal, QC, Canada

Accounting and Finance consultant

-Bookkeeping, Collection -Financial statements, budgets, cash flow, consolidation. -Costing, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Logistics. -HR, Payroll...

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ali Montreal, QC, Canada

Great general worker

I have worked many type of jobs from warehouse worker to office type work also as a transport driver and a cooks helper.

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Sidney Montreal, QC, Canada

The most proficient and penny pinching purchasing manager

4 Languages, Computer Savvy and Business Oriented

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Raymond Montreal, QC, Canada

Excellence in planning your Inventory Management and Purchasing departments.

I am honest, loyal and very reliable.

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Joel Montreal, QC, Canada

Controller -Operations Manager

Controller, VP Finance, Operations Manager, Restructuring Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) Dynamic, results-oriented leader with expertise in f...

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Justin Montreal, QC, Canada

Excellent autodidacte

Ayant travaillé dans beaucoup de domaine diversifié depuis que j'ai 14 ans, j'ai toujours travaillé, et souvent eu plusieurs emploies en même te...

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Idan Montreal, QC, Canada

Successful provider

I hold a B.Comm from John Molson School of Business in Montréal,QC. Graduated in 2009, I was employed by the largest food retailer in Canada for 4 ye...

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Panagiotis Montreal, QC, Canada

A good hard working person

Coordinator in a fast-paced and competitive environment with expertise in operations, planning, customer service, and training, I have proven to poss...

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Sarah Montreal, QC, Canada

Adjointe fiable et efficace

Adjointe formée ayant plusieurs années d'expérience qui apprend vite et qui aime le travail bien fait.

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Lutfy Montreal, QC, Canada

Logistics Manager/ Purchasing Analyst

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills acquired by living in different countries • Ability to multi-task and work in fast paced environ...

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Lauren Montreal, QC, Canada

Administrative assistant

Quick-learner, business background, organized and detailed, looking for office environment, high experience in customer relations.

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ALLISON Montreal, QC, Canada

Helpful and ever changing in an ever changing world.

Organized, ambitious, computer, internet savvy.

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Belinda Montreal, QC, Canada

Management consultant

• 10 years of experience in logistics, import and export business setting • Strong background in business sales • Demonstrated ability to prob...

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