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Julian Ottawa, ON, Canada

Web and Graphic designer

My degree is in industrial design, I have a diploma in this area with specialization. in web and graphic design. I have a certificate in web page de...

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Shejuti Ottawa, ON, Canada

Web Design/ Support

I have completed the Interactive Media Management program at Algonquin College, and I would love to gain greater experience in Web development. I have...

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isabelle Ottawa, ON, Canada

web design

freelance word designer and digital marketer

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PG Ottawa, ON, Canada

Web Designer

Extensive knowledge of the Adobe CC (Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Xd); HTML, CSS, JS, ES6; Figma; Webflow; User Research; UX/UI Design; Marketin...

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Vanessa Ottawa, ON, Canada

Web Developer/Designer

5 years’ experience with equity trading and financing in mainland China, good at the trading of fixed income securities, responsible for buying and ...

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John-Ritchy Ottawa, ON, Canada

Design + Web + Marketing

Take on new challenges and deepen my knowledge in the field of design, web and marketing.

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Lara Ottawa, ON, Canada

Web Graphic Designer

I am a Freelance Web Graphic Designer, over 6 years of experience, I graduated at Carleton University with a Bachelor of Information Technology Majori...

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Kate Ottawa, ON, Canada

Web Designer and Brand Strategist

I work with small to medium-sized businesses to create strong, impactful brands. Brands with clear messaging, that not only win new customers but also...

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Magdi Ottawa, ON, Canada

Web Designer, UI/UX Designer

I have 5+ years of hands-on experience efficiently coding websites and applications using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, CMS (Webflow), moder...

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Brooklyn Ottawa, ON, Canada

Marketing, Content/Web Designer

I have a degree in Communication and Marketing while also being educated in various positions relating to communication, digital marketing, and conten...

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Krunal Ottawa, ON, Canada

Graphics and Web Designer

I graduated in Information & technology from Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology, Gujarat, India. in the year 2015 and because of my impulse ...

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siqi Ottawa, ON, Canada

graphic design, web design

• DEC in Interactive Media Design with two years of experience in design • Ability of developing impressive, engagin graphics assets for web and ...

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Blessing Ottawa, ON, Canada

Website Designer/Developer

Proficient website designer and WordPress developer

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Abdus Ottawa, ON, Canada

Webmaster designer ui/ux

Bachelor in computer engineering minor in arts and graphic design

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Sarah Ottawa, ON, Canada

Web Designer

diploma - Contemporary Web Design Bachelors, double major - Psychology and Biology

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jojo Ottawa, ON, Canada

web designer

web development, Wordpress

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