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Marilyn Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Customer service

I have a BS in Administration & Management I am a past licensed real estate salesperson and personal lines insurance salesperson I am a past owner/o...

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Dawn Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Customer Relations & Information

Capitalized on natural skills of influence through the use of information, observation and human nature . I have an exceptional talent for addres...

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Annette Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Customer Serivce

Highly self-motivated and results-driven management professional with more than 20 years providing high-performance sales, customer service and operat...

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Donna Pittsburgh, PA, United States

IT Support and Service Manager

A+, HDI Helpdesk Manager, Project Manager

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Debra Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Mortgage closer, maid

Good background in mortgage lending. 13 years, working as a self-employed as a house-cleaner/decorator/occasional handy-gal. My degree was in b...

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Stephanie Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Determined and Focused

I am very detail oriented in what ever type of work I am doing. I will do everything in my power to make sure everything is done up to standards while...

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Brittney Pittsburgh, PA, United States


I graduated from Pittsburgh technical institute in the medical billing & coding program. I'm looking for a flexible job as a second income to my famil...

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Cassandra Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Banking or Administration

I have 12 years of banking experience including including fraud, security, and compliance. I also have years of experience in administration. I worked...

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Colleen Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Administrative Consultant

I am a dependable and highly qualified Administrative Consultant dedicated to providing individuals and business owners with assistance in daily or w...

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