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Translation Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have the right combination of excellent communication and translation skills in french, english and arabic and a relevant understanding of the cultu... View more
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Insurance adjuster/teacher/ Ottawa, ON, Canada

• Experienced as an insurance auto adjuster. • Experienced as an adult trainer and facilitator in a variety of settings. • Experienced as a Te... View more
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Administrative Assistant Ottawa, ON, Canada

My working experience is related to business administration where I have proven expertise in communication with the clients and offering administrativ... View more
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Science Communicator Ottawa, ON, Canada

Science Communication • Four years of combined experience in healthcare marketing and advertising for various audiences • Strong ability to iden... View more
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Broadcaster Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have been doing broadcasting for more that twenty years, preparing and producing communication materials, medias monitoring, policy analyst and a re... View more
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Store Manager Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have a demonstrated history of working with customers in both the hospitality and retail industry. I’ve worked in positions such as: manager, assi... View more
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Senior Copywriter Ottawa, ON, Canada

Université de Montréal MA English Studies 1994 – 1996 Courses in translation (FR to ENG) at Université Laval in Ste Foy, Qc. Thesis on 18th... View more
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Translator, Blog writer, Article Ottawa, ON, Canada

Live in Canada to study Biomedical Sciences. In Turkey I studied Molecular Biology and Genetics for a year and dropped off to study in Canada. I lived... View more
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Electrical Engineer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Electrical engineer with a wide range of job experience, I have been a R&D engineer for 1 year, I worked in telecommunication for 1 year,And also I ha... View more
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Salahadin Ottawa, ON, Canada

A multi-skilled, and hardworking polyglot with a proven ability to translate written documents from a source language to a target language. A demonstr... View more
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Communications & Media Officer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Education: • Masters in Journalism - Faculty of Information and Documentation - Lebanese University, in partnership with “Paris 2” university, ... View more
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Writer Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa, and am currently working a contract at a French NGO in Ottawa. I have worked as a tour guide, a ... View more
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Writer and Editor Ottawa, ON, Canada

Lenka Podzimek is a freelance writer and editor from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is a wordsmith by calling and specializes in creating engaging, prac... View more
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ANALYST, Brand Manager; Leader, Best Trainer; Best... Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am best known as a Jack of All Trades. I am also a perfectionist so when I pick up a job I finish it perfectly. In my supervisors' words 'I do my j... View more
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Assistant Manager, Customer Service Ottawa, ON, Canada

- Accounting and Business related skills - Management Experience - Customer Service Experience - Business Administration - Accounting Advanced Dipl... View more
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Human Resource Assistant/Coordinato Ottawa, ON, Canada

Please note that I hold a Master of Education from University of Toronto in addition from to a certificate of Human Resources Management from Seneca C... View more

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