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Laura Calgary, AB, Canada

Events and Marketing

I have studied a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Management, and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Criminology at the Unive...

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Annie Calgary, AB, Canada

Seeking tech writing opportunities

I enjoy collaborating with passionate people, creating community building moments, and communicating complex ideas. Crafting with my hands or my words...

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Sam Calgary, AB, Canada

Experienced Sales Supervisor

CPR certificate, extremely proficient in English. An expert in merchandising, retail sales, and customer relations. Bubbly personality with a tickled ...

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Kate Calgary, AB, Canada

Account Manager

I earned an Executive MBA specializing in Global Leadership, making me an excellent candidate for companies with global reach. My corporate experienc...

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Dawn Calgary, AB, Canada

Executive Assistant

I'm a Senior Executive Assistant with 25 years of experience supporting high level or C-Suite Executives and Boards- at all ages and stages, so I’m ...

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Michelle Calgary, AB, Canada

Program Coordinator

EDUCATION Ambrose University Calgary, AB – Graduate Major – Ba...

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Meagen Calgary, AB, Canada

Executive Assistant

Experienced Executive Assistant and Contract Specialist with a demonstrated history working in the Energy, Construction and Automotive sectors. Sk...

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Hayden Calgary, AB, Canada

Business Development Expert

Bachelor of Commerce: Majors in Management an d Commercial Law Business cases Business ethics and sustainability Business history Business structu...

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Sandra Calgary, AB, Canada

Forest Technician

When working as a Forest Technician, when I was not in the field, I would help out in the office administratively, planning work location accommodatio...

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Ma. Theresita Calgary, AB, Canada

photog, videog, multimedia artist

After graduating Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts in the Philippines, I gained professional work experience in non-government and government or...

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Brenna Calgary, AB, Canada

Brand Ambassodor

- Social media expert on digital platforms: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - Strong attention to detail and a high degree of accuracy - Strong writ...

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Stephanie Calgary, AB, Canada

Sales & Customer Success

10+ years of customer service and sales.

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Kelley Calgary, AB, Canada


Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. Skilled in Petroleum, Gas, Geophysics, Engineering, and Oil & Gas. St...

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Lauren Calgary, AB, Canada

Freelance Writer

I have a broad range of skills that leverage my B.Sc. Communication and my Business Analysis Extension Certificate. With 4+ years of corporate adminis...

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Preston Calgary, AB, Canada

Public Relations

PR professional. I grow relationships through empathy and professionalism.

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Pam Calgary, AB, Canada

Policy Advisor

Bachelors of Science Bachelors of Nursing Master of Public Policy Skills: critical thinking and analysis, problem solving, creativity

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