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Sam Barrie, ON, Canada

Communications Strategist Strategic communications specialist with 7+ years of local and international experience across a broad range of communication functions and industries... View more
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Sylvie Barrie, ON, Canada

Senior Executive Assistant I am a professional bilingual (English/French) Senior Executive Assistant with more than 25 years’ experience in Administrative, Human Resources and... View more
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Jane Barrie, ON, Canada

Customer Service & Office Clerk 2016-2017 Cashier take payments from customers for goods bought. Processing Coupons and explaining any discrepancies. Promote daily specials. Using... View more
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Ashley Barrie, ON, Canada

Human Resource Coordinator As a Senior-level, accomplished HR Administrator, 12 months away from completing the CHRP, I have a proven record of significant and successful contri... View more
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Kirsten Barrie, ON, Canada

A hard worker I can easily adapt to new situations, excellent problem solver, always calm and poise. View more
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Emily Barrie, ON, Canada

I want to be known as the best photographer. I am fluent in the area of photography, with a small sense of Photoshop training. Im extremely good at dealing with clients and answering phone calls... View more
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scott Barrie, ON, Canada

Best handyman I am a very hands on type worker but am still happy with working at a desk some days. I am also very eager to learn new skills and meet new people. View more
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Jordan Barrie, ON, Canada

Strategic Consultant/ Analyst Proficient in strategic business planning, as well as leveraging analytics for real world solutions. View more
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Tracy Barrie, ON, Canada

Executive Assistant - self motivation - adaptability - decision making - ability to work under pressure - time management - organizational skills - communicatio... View more
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Däv Barrie, ON, Canada

Production Sound Technician Freelance FOH Sound Technician Event Production Coordinator Technical Director Monitor Technician AV Technician Stage Manager Singer - Guitarist... View more
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Amie Barrie, ON, Canada

sales customer service I am a hard reliable worker. I work well on my own or in a group setting. I strive under pressure and tight deadlines. I welcome a challenge and I wil... View more
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Anna Barrie, ON, Canada

the hardest working person I am a great team player as well as work fantastic on my own. I feel communication is key. If you are not fifteen minutes early then you are consider... View more
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Verena Barrie, ON, Canada

Customer Service Experience Associate  Skilled at interacting with all types of customers because of more than 7 years of customer service experience in various fields, including the ex... View more
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Natalie Barrie, ON, Canada

Entrepreneur i'm a reliable positive team player. i'm very outgoing and likes to learn new experiences from others View more
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Cynthia Barrie, ON, Canada

Best known for Reliability! As well as best known in the office/receptionist! Skills in Languages (English, Spanish and Basic French), Computer/Data (html, excel, ms word, power point etc), skills in dental office settings, ski... View more
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Doris Barrie, ON, Canada

An excellent asset to any business. Enough can't be said about life experience! I believe the most important skill is to be happy in what you're doing and to do it to the best of your ... View more