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Présentation PowerPoint Montreal, QC, Canada

Bonjour, Je suis une personne passionnée par ce que je fais. Je vous offre mon aide et mon expertise sur plusieurs niveaux : Préparation de Po... View more
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Représentation Trois Rivieres Montreal, QC, Canada

Je suis présentement Recruteur chef pour une équipe de la LHJMQ et je recherche un emploi à temps partielle. J'ai été propriétaire d'un magasin ... View more
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Writer/editor. Speechwriter. Montreal, QC, Canada

Communications professional with over 40 years’ experience in government and private communications. Currently retired, I am seeking an opportunity ... View more
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Content writer Montreal, QC, Canada

I am an experienced writer and editor with a particular interest in political journalism and persuasive writing. I am a master's student in McGill Uni... View more
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Professional Resume Writer Montreal, QC, Canada

Bilingual (FR/EN) Career Coach and communications professional. - Resume writing - Cover letter writing - LinkedIn profile writing - Articles wr... View more
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Freelance Writer; Educator Montreal, QC, Canada

Hi, I have worked with special needs clientele for 20 years, proving that I have an immense amount of patience and understanding. I am a team play... View more
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Creative writer-copywriter-editor Montreal, QC, Canada

I am looking for a part-time position that would give me the opportunity to use my skills to fulfill the needs and the objectives of your company. I a... View more
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Editor / Copywriter Montreal, QC, Canada

I'm a Montreal-based writer and editor with over seven years of experience. I've helped produce award-winning magazines, websites and social media con... View more
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Copywriter Montreal, QC, Canada

As a copywriter working remotely in the digital marketing industry for the past three years, I have honed my copywriting skills including web copy, bl... View more
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Writer & Translator Montreal, QC, Canada

 Writing (print and digital editorial and marketing content)  Translation (French > English)  Editing (for grammar, voice, tone and readabi... View more
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Bilingual copywriter and translator Montreal, QC, Canada

SKILLS proofreading, copywriting, editing, English and French grammar, team coordination, research, working with tight deadlines SOFTWARE AND ONL... View more
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Expert Copywriter Montreal, QC, Canada

"Elizabeth performed at an exceptional level in an ongoing way. I placed a significant workload of high-quality blog and articles on her plate and she... View more
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Editor and Writer Montreal, QC, Canada

MA candidate and BA holder. Experienced editor and writer. Proficient at Microsoft Office, WordPress, and Google Analytics. Fluent in English, French,... View more
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Writer Montreal, QC, Canada

As a freelance writer and editor for over ten years, I’ve created a wide variety of content, including articles, newsletters, executive speeches, te... View more
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Theatre maker, writer, teacher Montreal, QC, Canada

I have been working in many different fields but primarily as a teacher, researcher, writer, editor, and organizer. I have a bachelor's degree in Perf... View more
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Writer / Content Creator Montreal, QC, Canada

I graduated in Film production and have since gotten experience in a wide variety of fields, not limited to but including: sales, writing for weight w... View more

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